My Vegetable Garden

I am thankful for my green thumb for it allows me to make my own garden and plant veggies that I like free of pesticides. The big advantage of having our own vegetable garden in our backyard is that, it does not only give us fresh harvests but saves us a few dollars as well.

How nice it would be to just go out there and pick the vegetable for certain dishes like fish soup. I can very well add eggplants, spring onions, pepper leaves and lemon grass to my soup!

Below are a few of my plants we have. They give me such joy every time I look at them! Those who love gardening can relate with me for sure.

My garden this year isn’t big. Hopefully when we are in the country, I can expand it and plant some napa cabbage, corn and other veggies that I can possibly sell to country folks!

…. these are Asian spinach, Chinese eggplant and moringa oleifera
 photo garden_zpsoocvweac.png

… green onions… fat after being rained on last few days.
 photo onion_zps6t6p9nub.jpg
… long yard beans, I did not expect it to give me this much. Again… thanks for the rain we had.
 photo batong_zpsxe8nocih.jpg

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Flowers From My Garden

It’s the first time my Bearded Iris plants give me some flowers. For two years they were planted in a pot, I don’t remember they gave me blooms like that in the picture. I decided to cut the Bearded Iris because the flowers are too heavy and the stem can no longer hold it up and it fell to the ground.

The roses were taken from an old rose plant hidden behind the pile of woods in the backyard. I didn’t know they were there and then one day I came close to the main branch and saw them. I am glad I have them in my bathroom sink, they give me such sweet fragrance that plastic ones don’t.

Freshly Cut Flowers

I do not regret I bought several bulbs of Paperwhites 3 weeks ago. Look at these beautiful white blooms I got here, soooo pure and so white eh. The plant is called paperwhites and it give me such sweet aroma when you enter the house. It is an indoor plant, so growing it isn’t so hard. I placed 3 pots of it near the front door where they can have some sun early morning which helps them grow so fast and bear flowers.

……photo above is shot of my flowers freshly cut straight from the pot where I originally planted them..

…above photo are my paperwhites in a pot. …there are more blooms coming so excited to cut them again and put in a flower vase.