Hard Working and Dependable Hands

When I was still searching for a man to marry, I had high standards and I lived with it until I found the right one. That right man came along four years into searching on the internet, my ex-fiance now my husband of 12 years.

One of my criteria for in a man, he should have clean nails. If I meet up with somebody and I see his nails are dirty, I get turned off easy. When I met my husband for the first time in person, he was all but a gorgeous and a hunk, clean-cut guy. He was so perfect in my eyes and fortunately for me, he wanted me to be in his future.

Fast forward 12 years later, my man’s nails are tarnished with grease and other stuff because he loves working around the house, fix broken fixtures, toys and or anything that needs repairs and help his friend tweaking a military truck.

He came home one afternoon with nails looking like that.

Yes, his nails look dirty pictured below but I am not turned off by them. In fact, I admire him so much and truly appreciate of what he does for our family and for other people. When he helps, he helps them without expecting anything in return. Dependable is what he is. I live a worry-free life and not thinking about when is the clogged toilet gonna be fixed, as long as he is around, rest assured things are done accordingly and in no time. That’s what he is. I don’t even have to worry if my car is dirty because he will see the dirt,scratches, dents and dings first before me.

I love my husband even after twelve years later…

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Barrie Lawyers

There are some things in our lives that no matter how tight we hang on to them, they just have to end like separation or divorce. If two couple are no longer happy living together or they no longer get well along with each other, then a major decision should be made even if kids have to sacrifice. Life is like that and that is the reality in this world.
If you know anyone who is going or about to get a divorce, please refer to him/her a team of seasoned, dedicated and enthusiastic lawyers, the barrie lawyers who are there willing and ready to help their clients every step of the way. Barrie Lawyers doesn’t deal only with family law but they also do the making of a will and estate planning, litigation as well as criminal law.
Many significant and complex legal issues arise from marital breakdown or the end of a relationship of some permanence. Issues like the custody of children, access to children, child support, alimony, division of property and many others. Issues like these require a lawyer to make things legal, so who do you call for help? Nobody except lawyers in Barrie.

Long Distance Relationship


I am happy for my brother and his wife and son because they are now reunited in Iceland. He arrived there two days ago! I can only imagine the sacrifices they made and how much they missed each other for they have been in a long distance relationship for over a year. I can relate to this for we too, my husband and I were once in the same situation 7 years ago.
We got married in the Philippines and waited for the spousal visa for 9 months for the immigration to approve our application. The whole time we were separated as a couple was difficult although we maintained constant communication but that didn’t seem enough for us. There were a few occasions we missed celebrating together just because we were thousands of miles apart. Birthdays, Christmas and our first wedding anniversary were missed but he never failed sending flowers by post each time there is an occasion coming.
He would order it on the internet and he would always choose big red roses in a vase for his wife. How flattering that was! He knew I love red roses that is why he would only send me red roses and usually a dozen of it.
After 9 months of waiting, we were able to join together here in the U.S and we couldn’t be happier. We now live in our own house with a yard large enough to plant lots of flowers and make a vegetable garden. I love gardening so growing fresh vegetables and roses and other types of flowering plants is not a problem to me.