Crowning Glory

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “Our hair is our crowning glory”? I know it is old and it has been said many times and yet again, writing it on my blog. It is because, people often judge us and get an impression about us of how we wear our hair. For a lot of people, it is our hair that gets notice the first time.

For me, grooming your hair neatly says a lot about the person’s personality and more often than not, I find my impression to last. I can tell a person who loves dolling up herself likes to keep her life in order and organized at all times. Though it is not always the case for I know someone who just love to present herself looking pretty in public’s eyes but behind closed doors, she is one messy girl.

Anyway, back to the original topic. One can choose to wear a crochet hair type. She can achieve the look by wearing quality hair wigs from divatress’ collection. With just one style alone, one can choose different colors that compliments her skin tone.

Not only that, this company has other different hair products to shop for like lace front wigs, half wigs, braiding hair, beauty, hair care and a whole lot more.



Who does not love deals ? I do! I don’t shop and pay full price for items I know that will eventually be marked down except maybe for groceries? Or even shopping for groceries, I will not forget going to the store’s clearance aisles and see what they have for me. When it comes to buying major things like electronics/gadgets, games and most of all household stuff, I would look for a store that offers the biggest deal before I proceed to check out.

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Ukelele Natural

There is nothing more beautiful than this cute lani kai ukelele natural. We do have two ukeleles but they are painted with our girls’ favorite color, pink and purple. They look nice but a natural-looking ukelele is the best, well, at least for me. Try to peek this ukelele I am talking about by simply clicking on the link. You would know that it’s gorgeous once you see it in the picture.It’s got a 4.5 star reviews, meaning it is that good!

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For All Your Industrial and Commercial Lighting Needs

Are you looking for a good online store for a unique, many to choose from lighting for your restaurant or commercial building? I would like you to try visiting and see what you can find on their store. They are your one stop shop for all your industrial and commercial lighting needs at wholesale prices. If you order over $2000, they will ship your items for free, continental US only. So what do you waiting for? Start browsing now and find those lights that suit your business.

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A mixer

For those who do not know, what is a mixer? A mixer is a device that combines audio signals, processes them, then routes them to wherever they need to go. To help you decide which one you need or like, please visit this helpful link provided in this post to give you an insight and idea which one best suit to your need and a whole lot more information about mixers and other stuff.

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Metro PCS Phones on Groupon

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Two more sleeps and it will be back to school here in our place. Both of our children are now ready as well as the school supplies list are all waiting to be brought to school. Buying all those supplies surely cost us some money, gladly though that I am a wise shopper and took my time looking for cheap prices on each of the supply. Anyway, for those who have not finished completing the school supply list, you still have time to do it before the opening of class.

Children these days are expensive. Not only we, parents need to spend money on uniforms, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, some parents also need to spend on each big kid’s cell phones. And you know cell phones can be quite pricey too especially if they choose branded products. Not only that, the phone service can cost a lot of money depending on the plans you’re getting for them.

When it comes to buying new phones, I can recommend looking for prices and or phone models that you can very well afford on Groupon Goods. Yeah, on Groupon, you can find almost anything you need for your life to be comfortable and convenient. When you find that very phone for your kid/s, you may also want to compare rates and plans whether you want pre-paid or subscribe to big companies with contract.

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Masonic Rings that you can Design

Wearing a ring everyday says something about yourself, your relationship status and or you’re a proud graduate of something big. When you just graduated college, masters or PhD degrees, you sure would want to wear that very ring in your finger to tell the world how proud you are of yourself, aren’t you?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can custom design that ring that you so wish to wear? That’s what joy jewelers masonic rings are. If you can click on the link, you can shop or browse hundreds of masonic ring styles. Their masonic rings are made of gold, sterling silver, steel and even titanium. Browse by metal, star-rated by price or their featured rings. Enjoy!

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Restaurant Name Printing on Napkins

One of the many ways to expose your restaurant’s name is to have your establishment’s name printed on souvenir items such as caps, pens, key chains and also on napkins because once customers or people have it, they will always see it and remember to go back whenever they like to.

The website does not only print for restaurants but for any occasions and different event purposes too like weddings, napkins for wedding beverage,  luncheon napkins, dinner napkins, eco-friendly napkins, debossed napkins, paper hand napkins and high quantity napkin orders. They do it all for you!

If you have a restaurant and are looking for best prices for napkins with your business’ name on it, please click on the link above. Prices starting at 11 cents only. Check it out now! You may also browse for more printings you need on their site like flags, floor mats, they also do metal signs, banners, poly string pennants,  sail signs banners, security and parking signs.

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How to Edit Your Photo with the Movavi Photo Studio

If you’ve never tried to edit photos in the past then you may very well feel that it is out of reach and too complicated to try. However what you may not realize is that it actually doesn’t have to be – especially not if you’re making use of the right software.

With the Movavi Photo Studio, you’ll find that editing your photos can actually be a piece of cake. Not only will you be able to make them look great, but you’ll also be able to completely transform their appearance – just with a few clicks. All that you need to do to edit your photos is decide exactly how you want to tweak them, using options such as:

  • Adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, temperature, and exposure of the image, or even using the ‘magic enhance’ feature to automatically adjust them.
  • Utilizing filters such as lomo, oil painting, sepia, pixelate and so on to alter the look of the photo.
  • Transforming the photo by flipping, rotating, cropping, leveling and resizing it as and how is needed.
  • Replacing elements of the photo or removing them completely – including the entire background if necessary.
  • Adding custom captions and watermarks that are completely editable and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Quite frankly you could even take things a step further if you want to and create a stylish slideshow from your photos once you’re done. By adding music, some snappy transitions and a few captions – it could really turn into a pretty amazing video that you can then share with your friends or family.

Of course, editing photos is not an exact science so you may very well find that it takes a little bit of trial and error before you get your photos looking the way that you want them to. Keep at it though, and be sure to experiment with all of the features that this photo editor brings to the table.

Because its features are so intuitive and user-friendly, you’ll find that editing your photos really is incredibly easy. If you want, you could even tweak multiple photos simultaneously thanks to its batch processing feature. Quite frankly there is very little that the Movavi Photo Studio isn’t capable of, so the only question that you really need to ask yourself is: What do you think would make your photos look better?

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Imagine Your Business Without a Pen

A pen is something we use everyday yet only very few of us recognize its importance. Imagine life without a pen? Imagine your business without a pen? Do you think, you will ever function normally? At, you can choose different kinds of pens according to your needs. They even have a made-to-order pens for your business. Handing out free pens to your customers can greatly help promote your business’ name and made it known to the public or to your potential customers in the future.

The more exposure you get, the higher the profit you will earn if the customers are familiar with your business’s products and services. Pens are also great for gifts in every occasion. Since everybody needs a pen, if you give them something that has your logo on it, they could easily see or learn to remember your business’ name. So head on to or click on the link above and explore the site’s products. You can also check out their deals and steals.

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