Snow 2018

Snow at last! We’ve waited for snow here in Texas for 3 years and it finally came yesterday. Well, luckily we got an inch or two here in our new place. Meanwhile, in Fort Worth and DFW metroplex, they got none.

For some people in much colder states like NY, MN and other parts of the United States, snow for them is a calvary. It’s the opposite here in Texas but once we do get some, rest assured roads will be dangerous to drive especially on bridges. That is why, when there is sleet, icy roads or snow, school and businesses will be closed.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I expected for some thick and all-white ground. To my dismay, there wasn’t much except for some spots that have leaves on the ground holding the snow to keep in close contact directly to the soil.

Anyways, we enjoyed it a bit but then the temperature is overly cold so I did not stay outside for long. My girls were in and out the house yesterday and complained about being too cold.

Snow 2018

Snow 2018

Snow 2018

Snow 2018

Snow 2018

Thankful on Christmas Day 2016

Another Christmas in our life, my family is intact and we’re together. I am more than thankful because this year has been good for us. We probably have less worries than most Americans. Thank You, Lord! Another thing is that we are able to provide for our children not just their needs but also their wishes and wants especially for Christmas. We have more gifts for them this year than previous.

Though presents under the Christmas tree look great, nothing is more gorgeous than the family that opened them this morning. I saw the facial expressions, I captured them all while they had fun!

 photo tree16_zpstihwio5f.jpg

 photo gifts_zpsk18xuwak.jpg

My Vegetable Garden in Late Spring

I am into gardening as you may have noticed in my previous entries. Too bad I don’t have my gardening blog anymore, you could have followed me through these years boasting about my plants.

Anyway, here are snaps of what we have in the backyard right now. So lush green are the leaves and they are thriving pretty well with all the sunlight and heavy rainfall we’ve been getting lately. It brings joy to my heart seeing my plants grow and eventually harvest some and serve them at the table for my family to enjoy.

In these pots are; carrots, eggplants, okra, Asian spinach or alugbate in our native dialect, Asian long string beans or sitaw in Tagalog and batong in Bisaya, sweet potatoes, lemongrass, cucumber, moringa oleifera or kamunggay, asparagus and some water spinach in separate pots.

I have harvested the potato tops yesterday and made a salad out of it. Both of my girls love the salad, the first born compared the taste to a popping seaweed (lato) that can only be found in the Philippines.

I don’t have anything to brag around here except my beautiful gardens and that we are eating organic around this time of year.

How about you people? Do you have a garden too? What kind of plants do you prefer to have in the garden?

 photo vegetable_zpsbzscu79j.jpg
 photo vegetable1_zpstl2rugjw.jpg

2nd Annual Spring Picnic with Friends in Fort Worth

The group of Filipinas in South side of Fort Worth including myself had our 2nd annual Spring Picnic in French Lake Drive in March 26, 2016. The weather that days was 77 degrees so perfect for our picnic. We had plenty of food for each of us had to bring 2-3 different type of meals, combined altogether equals a sumptuous lunch plus take home dishes!

I love this group of Filipinas because they are people I can hangout to laugh with, talk with, eat with and most of all be silly with. I am thankful I found them, two of whom are my neighbors because being with them somehow eases my homesickness.

I need that sense of being home by hanging out with these ladies not just for me but for our kids to play and have fun together once in a while. We all need that quick escape from house chores and work and chill a bit once in a while, you know?

As usual, I had a blast spending at least 6 hours of so much fun in the sun while also watching our kids play in the playground, run around, burning their energy and socializing with other friends’ kids. The group plan to continue this annual picnic in the next coming years as well as organize other outdoor activities pretty soon like camping out and or summer road trip down to Waco.

We shall see if these will push through…

…. a full table of food brought by the ladies and more desserts on the other table… people who passed by our table would look and amazed how much food we had….
 photo P1013002_zpst7gzmide.jpg
 photo 2ndspringpicnic_zpsdrietbvo.jpg

 photo 2ndspringpicnic1_zpsshleim3h.jpg

 photo 2ndspringpicnic.jpg2_zpsgu0sx8gb.jpg


Round Fruits and Polka Dots Before 2015 Ends

Before this year ends, I would like to post my last entry for the year 2015 and I end it with my 13 kinds of round fruits and myself wearing polka dots all over. One of  traditional Filipino beliefs, we collect 13 kinds of round fruits is for the next year to have abundant food on the table and polka dots clothing for money to come in. I know it is a total crap but I grew up believing it, there’ll be no harm done by doing them so I am doing what I am accustomed to do even here int he United States, I am bringing with me the Filipino myth and belief.

I have done this since I first arrived here in the US and there is no stopping each year, I think.

A short recap of how year 2015 has been for us. Well, I should say that is way better than the previous 4 years for we are completely out of debt. Thank God for that! The long hurdle and burden of the lawsuit we faced for 4 years is over six months ago. Although we did not get all the money we want but we got some. The stress and frustrations it had caused us were overwhelming so now we are glad we put that behind us.

Everybody in our family is healthy throughout the year, nothing shocking had happened, we bought our new ride and most of all, WE GOT PEACE OF MIND we so yearn to achieve. I could not ask for more, truly. We have no debts to pay, we are all healthy, good marriage, good kids, nice and dependable husband. I am pretty BLESSED!

I guess this would be all for this year. Until I can write again next year!

 photo roundfruits_zpshfdxsicp.jpg
 photo polkadots_zpslzwbe8yl.jpg

Gorgeous Texas Wildflowers

No matter where you live, if you are happy and like it there where you are, you will appreciate every little thing you see around you. And the more appreciative you are, the happier you get.

I grew up in a city island until I reached the age of 21 where going to the beach is not a problem for we are surrounded by beautiful beaches in Lapu-lapu. We can smell that fresh ocean breeze anytime we want.

When I moved here in Texas to be with my husband and build a family, I could no longer smell that ocean breeze for we are 6 hours drive away from the beach. But despite of that, I still feel fortunate. Albeit, we don’t live near the beach yet we have these super gorgeous Texas wildflowers with vibrant colors. These photos were taken in early Spring 2015 in Benbrook.

You tell me just by looking the photos below if you don’t fall in love with them? I don’t know what they are called but the last one in blue is called the bluebonnets which is the Texas national flower. Picking them is illegal so you just gotta enjoy or admire their beauty  through your eyes and not with your hands.

Gladly, we can see beautiful wildflowers just a few miles drive from where we live. It is located adjacent to Benbrook lake and has a picnic area where you can enjoy your food, the pleasant temperature and at the same time gazing at the beauty of nature laid before your eyes.

 photo TexasWilds20026_zpsxkbbl9vp.jpg
 photo TexasWilds20046_zpskvgkjijs.jpg

 photo TexasWilds20067_zpsouo7ts4q.jpg

Two Inches of Snow in March

Who would have thought that we can get more snow this late? We had some pretty good snow last week and I thought that was the first and last snow we will have this season, but obviously, I am wrong. White white surroundings greeted us when we woke up this morning which we did not expect at all.

I watched the news at 5 in the afternoon yesterday and only heard a sleet… it just always brings joy to our eyes and heart whenever we get some snow here in North Texas for it doesn’t happen every winter. This time, there is more snow than we had last week, awesome!

Photo below I took earlier with our friend, Olaf. He dropped by to give us some warm hugs hehe. Today has no school, therefore, it’s going to be a fun day for me and my girls. Letting them out to play the snow is like a treat to them. Snow is fun and beautiful if we don’t go driving somewhere!

Our winter is complete this year because we got snow twice and from here, I can say, I am ready to move on to the next season, Spring and see beautiful blooms in my front flower gardens.

 photo olaf20002_zpsdxjlqtun.jpg

I’m So Ready For Fall

It’s the third day of the month of September. What else do I expect other than a cooler temperature. I am so ready for Fall! I believe I heard on the news yesterday afternoon that today is going to be the official end of summer and yes we are going to be in a hundred degree temperature today!

Hoping for cooler temps in the next couple of days. I am so sick of extremely hot temperatures now so please Fall come on! I am anxious to see some colorful leaves around us, some crunching sound of the leaves blown by the wind on the street and etc.

Our First Snowfall

We finally had our abrupt first snowfall last night. When it snowed, big fat flakes fallen down from the sky and it was good enough to put some whiteness covering the ground for a while. It was maybe an hour the snow fell but that was it. After that it never snowed again and the ones on the ground melted. When I woke up this morning all the snow is gone, not even a tiny white that I can see out there.
Right now it still feels very cold, gloomy and dark. Arggggggggs! Hopefully it gets better as we head towards Tuesday morning and the rest of the week. Have a nice Monday everyone!

Plans For Christmas

Yeheyy! I am happy about what my husband told me last night. He said that he has a week off after Christmas. That means we can go down somewhere and visit someone and perhaps go to Seaworld with the kiddos. I made plans for Christmas already. I already committed to two parties just for the next 2 weeks and that is scheduled and nobody should ruin that.
I told my husband, he does have at least 5 days to make his trip to San Antonio but not on the dates the parties are gonna happen. Also, on Christmas eve and Christmas day, I want us to be at home so Jadyn can open her presents on the exact Christmas day and also so we can all go to church together.
I would want to make it a tradition that we should be in our “home” during Christmas so kids will always remember that family should be home opening presents and be thankful for the blessings that God poured us the entire year. Someday when they grow up, away from home for college or have their respective family, they all gonna come home at Christmas!