Keds Shoes In My Wishlist

Keds Shoes not only they look comfortable but also there are variety of print designs and color options to choose from when buying one. They can add a great look to your wardrobe. These are the kind of shoes I normally wear for comfort. I can walk all day with these shoes because they are flat and would not give me blisters.

If I write my Christmas wishlist, a pair or two of Keds shoes with floral design will be in the number one. I am looking one right now on clearance, I love the Keds Champion ankle wrap. This pair looks simple, beautiful color and most of all stylish to wear.

How about you guys? What type of shoes do you usually wear everyday for comfort? Would you rather go high heels or flats? As for me, I am most comfortable wearing flats since I do have a baby that goes with me whenever I go out of the house for shopping.


Temptations Online

Ah it feels good seeing my hard earned money from blogging is slowly growing in my Paypal account it is because I have not been doing shopping online lately. Several times I promised to myself that I should stop spending and save my money instead but just like any other women out there easily get tempted with so many great deals on clothing, fashion jewelry, perfumes, handbags and shoes like this cute and fashionable pair of ash sneakers. That promise has been broken several times also because it is just hard to resist the temptations you know?

If you are a stay-at-home mom like me and you find yourself nothing else to do to relieve the stress you feel all day, all you got to do is turn to different favorite online stores and do some online “window shopping” as what a friend calls it. Then you get to this very item that caught your eyes that seemed so hard to miss, what you do is put it in the cart and eventually check out! Or browse for more items and shop the trend!. That is what normally happens to me, told myself this is the last time I spend money and the next thing I know…. money is out from my Paypal, lol!

The Love Of Shoes

I used to love shopping for shoes a lot. It was my first thing to be addicted of and then years later I realized I got too many pairs of them so I kind of stopped buying for shoes. Nowadays, it isn’t economical to keep buying for new pairs while in fact I still got a few new pairs with tags still on. But if I were to choose shopping for a new one, I would go buy for bass shoes because of their durability, classic look and comfort. Why would I go for stylish high-heeled shoes when I’m the one to suffer walking with them so uncomfortable and give me blisters?

Boots For Comfort

I am already hearing a few people in my Facebook page complaining about the cold temperature is already kicking in where they are at. Those that are living up North are the ones get affected by early cool temperature. Too bad for them, while we down South are about to experience that nice weather that Fall is going to bring us, they are already shivering up there.
In relation to the cold weather, people should start preparing their Fall outfit that include light sweater or jacket, turtle necks, leggings, jeans and most of all boots to keep the feet warm. Some people buy boots for fashion and style but mostly wear boots for comfort reason. If you plan of shopping a new pair of boots for yourself this year, you may do so and if size is your concern being a plus size, that is not a problem for there is this online store specializing in selling merchandise intended for plus size. Wide Calf Boots are just one of the awesome products they sell. Check it out and hope you are happy you for finding this great store just for you! You may also shop for plus size sweater dresses and other stuff that would nicely coordinate with your boots.

New Bed For Baby Girl

If I were to buy a new bed for our Princess Baden, I’d like to buy something that we don’t need to change in a couple of years. I want to look at adjustable beds online and see if I can find that very bed I would like to put in her bedroom. I also want something that I could use comfortably when the second baby is here because for sure I am going to be sleeping in a separate bedroom far from my husband because I don’t whant to cause him sleepless night and that can only be done by sleeping in Baden’s bedroom. Of course the older girl wants to sleep beside me so a queen size adjustable bed would be a perfect bed for three of us.

Guilty Pleasure

Should I feel guilty again for doing online shopping for myself? I think I’m just a slight spender compare to other ladies out there because I only buy things that I really want. I just don’t jump into buying something that I cannot use, being practical means buying for reasonably-priced item such as these boots I just purchased minutes ago and that’s what I am. I realized that the boots I have are kind of old although they still look good and are in good shape but I really think I should buy one that is comfy, stylish and most of all a pair of boots that don’t rip my budget off. Frugal huh??

These are simple yet fashionable light colored boots that I have been longing to buy. Tonight, I got ’em with a 40% discount by using coupon code. wEEWWW can’t wait for them to arrive.

Ugg Shoes

Time to fire up your shoe addiction by simply adding some new pair of Ugg shoes, winter boots, fashion boots or just flat shoes of UGG Australia brand shoes. Winter is almost here and the question is, have you treated yourself to a shoe store and buy yourself winter boots that could keep your feet warm during cold days?

If you haven’t done that then visiting this shoe store online for Ugg shoes is not bad at all. They have tons of shoes for men, women and kids to choose from and mind you they are of different sizes and colors. Check it out now!

Not For Sale

Yes, they are all mine and NO, they are not for sale! These are just too few compared to the ones who really adored shoes. I should say, I am taking it easy and slowly and hopefully I can add more pairs to these

Most of my sandals/shoes are just flat pairs, there are two or three inches higher/taller but that’s all it. I am not a big fan of high heels you know? Ah forgive me of the picture, just have nothing to do and couldn’t think of anything to post in my blog. It’s my blog afterall so therefore, I am entitled to anything I post here.

I’m Getting These For Her

I saw these pink girly girl boots from Avon website and I thought they are beautiful. They are not the stylish kind but I think my baby will be comfortable wearing them this winter. It’s good that Avon has sizes so my baby can get to wear one of these boots.

I bought a pair of brown boots in Walmart but I don’t think she can wear them long ‘coz you know babies grow fast and they outgrow their clothes and stuff real fast.

Cheap Thing!

I will not be bothered if people call me cheap or my stuff are cheap because it is a fact. Indeed, I’m buying cheap stuff and head up high wearing them because it doesn’t mean they’re poor quality. They are cheap because I don’t buy things that aren’t discounted. What for? Why would I buy them in full price if I can wait for the stores to reduce their products’ price? There is a big difference there being cheap and economical.

Not to be sound conceited here but most of my stuff if not all are in brand names but THEY’RE CHEAP! Every time I go shopping for my ka ek-ekan(purses, shoes etc) you know girly thing, I head directly towards the clearance section of the store, find my size, look at the style and the price. Hell no, I wouldn’t pick up things that I can’t get a deal from it.

Just like a pair of dress sandals in the photos. I bought them from DSW yesterday with a 40% discount tag on it. Originally it was 49.94 bucks and I got them for only $18.10 sale tax inclusive. I got them that low because aside from they’re in the clearance section I also had membership coupons with me (15% off and the other one is 10 bucks) that I used upon checkout.

…. they’re not fancy sandals but I like them, simple yet masul-ob sa Colon.