Sale Notifications

A number of online stores that I subscribed to keep sending me e-mail sale notifications. Yes, they are trying to entice me with their so-called upto 75% off mark downs but I am hesitant to buy as of this moment.

I know certain places where to buy really good deals on clothing at a fraction of a cost so yeah, they can keep their sales for themselves hahaha. When I receive one notification especially if they offer a free shipping promo, I will only end up closing the window because they set certain amount of purchase before they’ll offer you such free shipping promo. I am not willing to spend so much money nowadays so I try to let it pass by me.

If You Have It, Flaunt It!

Women have different sizes and shapes but for me no matter what size they are, we or they are all sexy in some ways. Each woman has her own style and way of expressing herself. Most women pretty much dress to express themselves. There are those who prefer to be simple yet elegant, stylish and sexy and some who are just loving the chic style but not exaggerating.

Dressing up in current trends is awesome only if we don’t try to overspend or break our budget. Women who know their body figure choose to shop sexy womens clothing which is very understandable. As the saying goes, “if you have it, flaunt it”.

I, myself loves to shop for clothing too but in moderation. I know exactly how it feels being able to satisfy our wants for clothing but my types when it comes to clothing are just a bit simple and comfortable to wear.

Selling Online Is Addictive

Hahaha there are times when I think of quitting this very small business I am doing after mailing stuff out and only being depressed that I lost  some money on shipping. I have customers that refund me the shipping I am short on when I shipped out their items right  I ask them for it but there are also a few who I think have no plans of paying me back of the balance. That is okay, God is watching and I am doing my business truthfully and seriously.

Although it is stressing me out but there is this thing in my mind to never quit since I’ve already started it. It is fun and addictive you know and it feels good to the core when my items are selling. Nakaginansya pud biya ginagmay kahit papaano! I have orders I made online and I hope they will be here next week. I am excited posting them on Facebook and see how people are gonna react to my cute items!

Dickies Work Wear

Dickes brand of clothing has been around making quality work wear for both men and women since 1922. Their products have proven to be strong, constructed with really good materials and most of all could withstand rugged way of wearing them. Dickies has long been an amazing of supplier of mens work wear, and their shirts are no different.

They are popular in the Philippines most loved by men and young men especially. In fact, my brother who is next to me whose shirts, pants and polos are mostly bought at the mall with brand name Dickies in the front and the back ticket of the jeans and short shorts. I love it too but I don’t see women’s clothing sold here at the mall. I see there are women’s scrub suit or other uniforms but not the fashionable ones.

Cherokee Scrubs

As I have mentioned in my blog that fine and comfortable scrubs can be found at including Cherokee scrubs. If your order is $100 or over you are qualified for free shipping, how cool is that? Not forgetting if your order reaches $300 you will get an additional 10% off. Head on to the online scrub superstore now and start browsing for medical uniforms, nursing scrubs and many others. Just click on the link above and it should get you to the website of scrubs.

Temptations Online

Ah it feels good seeing my hard earned money from blogging is slowly growing in my Paypal account it is because I have not been doing shopping online lately. Several times I promised to myself that I should stop spending and save my money instead but just like any other women out there easily get tempted with so many great deals on clothing, fashion jewelry, perfumes, handbags and shoes like this cute and fashionable pair of ash sneakers. That promise has been broken several times also because it is just hard to resist the temptations you know?

If you are a stay-at-home mom like me and you find yourself nothing else to do to relieve the stress you feel all day, all you got to do is turn to different favorite online stores and do some online “window shopping” as what a friend calls it. Then you get to this very item that caught your eyes that seemed so hard to miss, what you do is put it in the cart and eventually check out! Or browse for more items and shop the trend!. That is what normally happens to me, told myself this is the last time I spend money and the next thing I know…. money is out from my Paypal, lol!

Cartier Replica Watches Can Change Your Style

Watches are no more regarded as just an instrument which monitors the time, since now with the development of the modern era people are getting more and more inclined towards achieving of the status which easily depicts the style and the fashion or trend which is followed by the person. It was well said in the earlier times that the branded and expensive watches were only meant for the high class or the rich class of people. But now with the incorporation or the introduction of the Replica designer watches even the people who were in the category of ordinary people will also get the opportunity to wear the stylish and exclusively designer watch. Cartier is the most renowned and recognized brand all over the world which is famous and popular for making stylish and modish watches. The price tag of original or the genuine and authentic Cartier watch was very expensive and was touching the height of the sky. But now, with the introduction of Cartier replica watches, all the fashion followers who were earlier restricting themselves from buying the stylish watch can also now buy and wear the most exquisite and admirable watch.

There is just no doubt that these stylish and replica designer watches which are exclusively designed are the carbon copy or the imitate copy of the original and authentic watch, and even more there in no difference at all in the appearance, design and style which cannot be distinguished from the non professional eyes. The material and the fabric which is used in making this watch, even though the metal and leather which is used in the manufacturing the Replica watches are similar to that of the original and authentic watch. So, these days not only the second class people but also the elite group of people prefer to buy the Cartier replica watches with the great though that when the similar kind of accessory is available in just fraction of dollars then there is no need of spending a great amount of dollars in meeting the fashion desire.

Zenni Optical Is The Answer

I have seen so many young people are already wearing glasses. I wonder why that is and what caused their eyes to be so bad at early age? Although prescription glasses can be expensive but if you know where to get them so you don’t have to pay so much for a pair of eyeglasses, Zenni Optical is the answer. If you could visit their website, you will find tons of stylish eyeglasses that you like.

Check them out now and browse for the glasses you ever want and need without breaking your budget. It is either you can shop by brand and categories or by prices. Also please check out their bestsellers and new arrivals. Thank you and enjoy shopping!

Tablet PC

Everybody is wishing to have all the latest gadgets they can ever imagine. The problem is these recent release high technology gadgets are often expensive. But with proper research and patient, one can find those that they want for discount prices. One example is this tablet pc I am looking at right now. It is an ACER ICONIA A100 TABLET 7-INCH 8GB, original price is $279.99. If you buy it now, this will save you $30 off. Or if you visit the link here, you can choose whichever tablet pc you want from different brands with different prices.

Winter Forgets Us

This year is a year for Texans for we have the most number of pleasant or beautiful weather days. How awesome? While other states especially up North are fighting for bitter cold and snow blizzards, down here we enjoy most of our days in “Winter”. Imagine having a 60-70 degree temperatures most of supposedly Winter season.

On the other hand, I am a bit jealous for those who experience playing in the snow this year. We only had a bit of that last month, it didn’t even last for couple hours and it melted. Sucks huh? Well, hopefully next year will be a snowy year for us. Anyway, since the weather has been so nice here, we better take our beautiful outdoor patio furniture sets and enjoy the fresh air, nice cooler temperature and listen to the sound of chirping birds out the backyard.