Two Inches of Snow in March

Who would have thought that we can get more snow this late? We had some pretty good snow last week and I thought that was the first and last snow we will have this season, but obviously, I am wrong. White white surroundings greeted us when we woke up this morning which we did not expect at all.

I watched the news at 5 in the afternoon yesterday and only heard a sleet… it just always brings joy to our eyes and heart whenever we get some snow here in North Texas for it doesn’t happen every winter. This time, there is more snow than we had last week, awesome!

Photo below I took earlier with our friend, Olaf. He dropped by to give us some warm hugs hehe. Today has no school, therefore, it’s going to be a fun day for me and my girls. Letting them out to play the snow is like a treat to them. Snow is fun and beautiful if we don’t go driving somewhere!

Our winter is complete this year because we got snow twice and from here, I can say, I am ready to move on to the next season, Spring and see beautiful blooms in my front flower gardens.

 photo olaf20002_zpsdxjlqtun.jpg

Our First Snowfall

We finally had our abrupt first snowfall last night. When it snowed, big fat flakes fallen down from the sky and it was good enough to put some whiteness covering the ground for a while. It was maybe an hour the snow fell but that was it. After that it never snowed again and the ones on the ground melted. When I woke up this morning all the snow is gone, not even a tiny white that I can see out there.
Right now it still feels very cold, gloomy and dark. Arggggggggs! Hopefully it gets better as we head towards Tuesday morning and the rest of the week. Have a nice Monday everyone!

Expecting Some Snow

Attached are more photos during the snow last week. I haven’t been able to share a lot of snow pics on my blogs here so I thought of sharing them today.

According to the forecast, Texas is going to have another round of s now tomorrow but it won’t be as heavy as last week’s snowfall. Fine enough as long as we can see some white dusting again before the Winter ends. This is what I love about Texas, we can get some snow occasionally and it never will be a burden for Texans for it just melts in the next day. Awesome God for making all this!

….Baby Deden working on our unique snow figure
…….. it was 8 inches thick when I took this photo and the snow hasn’t stopped yet so the total accumulation was 10 inches
……. she looks very pretty when out in the snow for her cheeks turned red
……… putting my baby to work haha..child labor ni
….. playing near her dada’s trailer

I’m Just Having Fun

Can’t you tell just by looking at the pictures here that I was having so much fun in the snow? That happiness I felt inside was due to so much snow brought by Winter here in our place. For the first time this year, mother nature showered us with so much snow. In fact, according to the news it is the thickest snow Texas ever received since 1964. Can you believe that?

…. me jumping for joy
…. I feel good despite of the cold weather we have…snow makes me very happy
…a weird pose for you all haha..

White Christmas Indeed!!

Yahooooooooo finally we had our snow today! I’ve been waiting for this to happen and oh God, You heard me!!! White Christmas eve is indeed A DREAM COME TRUE not just for me but for people in Texas. We rarely have snow 3 inches thick here so for us it is soooooooo exciting. For some people, thick snow is troublesome especially those who drive but definitely not for me and my baby.

Fact is, it is our Jadyn’s first snow and for that I am thankful. She was able to play the snow and she love it! Sharing the pictures I took when the snow just started until it got thicker of 4 inches late in the afternoon. above is of me lying on my belly to the snow… go ahead laugh at me..I don’t care..snow is indeed fun
…. second picture is of my baby with her FIRST BIG SNOW BALL
…. so thick..and getting thicker now
… just outside our front door… a heart for my husband…
..pathway to the street covered with snow!