How to Make and Edit a Perfect Selfie

Selfies are a great way of capturing a portrait of yourself or a group of people – but more often than not they are far from perfect. Because it is difficult to control the lighting, background and other elements in your selfie – editing it after the fact will go a long way to making it perfect.

Fortunately with Movavi Photo Editor you’ll have all the tools that you need to make the perfect selfie. Aside from letting you edit it in normal ways and improve the quality or fix common problems, it also has a range of tools that can be used to specifically improve portraits or give people digital makeovers.

To get started all you need to do is load the selfie that you snapped into Movavi Photo Editor. Once you do, you can browse through its many features and pick the ones that you need to improve it. Some of the ways in which you could choose to edit your selfie include:

  • Applying blush, mascara, eyeshadow, lip tints, and other types of digital makeup.
  • Removing blemishes and any skin imperfections.
  • Whitening teeth to make smiles more vibrant.
  • Removing red eye or changing the eye color completely.
  • Deleting any objects or people that are unwanted from the selfie.
  • Adjust the color settings manually or automatically to improve the image quality or fix poor lighting conditions.

As you can see the features that Movavi Photo Editor provides will help you to improve your selfie (or any other type of portrait) in a range of different ways. However that is really just a small part of what it can do, and you can delve deeper into its features to apply various effects and filters, replace the background, insert customizable text, transform the frame and orientation, or create photo montages.

For the most part when you want to make a perfect selfie you will undoubtedly focus on photo touch up as opposed to more elaborate forms of editing. However at times it may be nice to be creative and use the features in Movavi Photo Editor to turn your selfie into an artistic piece in its own right.

Considering you have all the tools that you need right there, it is up to you to decide how you feel like editing your selfie. At the end of the day whatever you choose Movavi Photo Editor will ensure that you can accomplish it in an easy and straightforward manner.

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PC Tune-Up Software for Free

Thanks to iolo technologies they are helping a lot of clients through their innovative technologies. If you need a PC tune-up software, they are the ones you need. Get your free PC health check today and get a personalized report detailing any problems found in minutes plus a list of recommended fixes so you can finish your online work or whatever project you are doing on your computer. Please visit them now and get your computer checked.

I No Longer Use My First PC

Over time our things get damaged and get slow especially if we don’t take care of them. That is how it is going to be for nothing is permanent in this world except change. Same thing with our personal computers. It is fast when it is new and as time goes by, it becomes slow as it collects more data and files you downloaded from the internet.

I no longer use my old laptop because it is very slow. However I would want it to be fixed and speed up my pc so I can give it to my sister in the Philippines.

My Camera Is Partially Damaged

I feel bad for letting my baby got into my camera. She was so fast like a lightning before I knew it, she already dropped my most loved camera. I was carrying her and went to my computer where she saw the strap hanging down and got it. Amazing how she reached it so fast, grabbed it and boom drop the bulky camera on to my desk. Before I could react, she already did a damage to it.

I found out it is partially damaged because when I use the flash, it takes dark pictures instead of a bright shot. Arrgggssss, I hate the idea that it is my fifth or sixth camera since I got here in the U.S and now it is damaged again. It still works though with normal setting. But I don’t know how long is it gonna last for she really dropped it real hard.


E-reader Gift

My little sister in the Philippines is really doing good in her studies there. She is in her 12th grade in elementary yet she maintains her position to be always the top one in the class. She is a smart girl I should say and that makes me very proud of her. I would like to give her a tablet or an e-reader as my personal gift and appreciation of such great job in her school. I would like to read kobo ereader reviews first before buying this unit because I want to make sure that it works for a long time. Surely my dear little sister would be very happy to have one so she can read a lot the high tech way.

No Hope For My Old Computer

I am glad I got a spare laptop to use when my five year-old computer hangs up on me. My husband bought me a new one last December as his Christmas present for me. I knew my Sony VAIO is gonna fail anytime so I wished of a new laptop and I got one thankfully.

Anyway, I don’t think there is still hope for my old computer. It has been brought to the local Computer Repair Service a couple times already. It got fixed for a while but then lately it acted on me. It hangs up a lot and it gets real hot quickly even if you use it less than half an hour. It sucks because I love my very first computer and I kind of having trouble getting rid of it yet.

It has been a long time since I had a full scan perform in that computer, it probably has malware, virus of some kind like trojan virus and other worms that causes it to hang up. If I would have it examined, the technician could probably do trojan virus removal and yes, it can be done online through the help of All IT Supported website. I want to check out the All IT Supported URL and see if they can do something about my Sony laptop.

Offsite Backups

Everything you have on the internet needs constant backup for whatever happens or something unfavorable occurs, you have your important files or data for your organization are safe. This can only be done with the use of a reliable off site storage. Offsite Backups are here to help you to be your front line defense against the losses that can cripple your business. Got concerns, questions or how to better protect your company, you will be guaranteed you always have a person to talk to instead just talking to an automated voice when you call your back up company for help.

Laptop Is Very Hot

Geezzz this old laptop of mine is very hot right now. I don’t want to stop using it for I am not done online yet. It is sitting on a non-functional laptop cooler but I guess it is only helping a little bit. My hands are also very hot that it is so uncomfortable touching or typing on my typepad. This Sony VAIO computer of mine is at least over five years old.

I have had 2 laptop coolers bought before but none of them last long. The third one which is the one the laptop is sitting on right now is also damaged. I have no plan of buying anymore coolers for I think it’s a bogus. After being used for a while they go bad, just a waste of money honestly.

Tablet PC

Everybody is wishing to have all the latest gadgets they can ever imagine. The problem is these recent release high technology gadgets are often expensive. But with proper research and patient, one can find those that they want for discount prices. One example is this tablet pc I am looking at right now. It is an ACER ICONIA A100 TABLET 7-INCH 8GB, original price is $279.99. If you buy it now, this will save you $30 off. Or if you visit the link here, you can choose whichever tablet pc you want from different brands with different prices.

Days Of Fears

I feel so skinny. I lost a pound or two due to stress. For the past two weeks I have been thinking so much about my blogs’ safety. I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t sleep well at night resulting to losing weight. For days I was so afraid that the only source of income I know will disappear in just a matter of seconds. There were rumors circling the internet that my former blogging platform were deleting paid blogs.

The only way to save them is to transfer their hosting to hosting companies but I didn’t know how to do it. I had no clue or whatsoever how it is done in order for them to be transferred. I felt helpless! Why I didn’t think of using computer backup online instead investing so much energy of worry and sleepless nights? If only I had known this that this could be one of the best ways to save my blogs, I could have done it the minute I heard the rumors.

But anyway, I am happy now my blogs are all safe, back up and live again although there are still some minor things need to be done to them before I am confident they are truly safe. I should remember that computer back up is always available online at a reasonable price.