Weekend Meetup with New and Old Friends

I had so much fun hanging out with a new and my old time friends. Two of the girls were Sheryl and Rosalie are my friends more than 7 years here in Fort Worth, there are actually three of us, Annie and family weren’t able to come for she had to work. We used to hangout often back in our early years but then it had changed since Rosalie moved to Utah. We can only hang out when they fly over here. When they do, we make sure we sit down together to have dinner and chit chat just like the old times.

Their visit to Texas was a perfect timing to celebrate my firstborn’s 7th birthday. I invited them over to Chuck E. Cheese’s so the kids can do the rides and games in there. That weekend hangout went perfect as planned except that we didn’t get to dine in at Japanese Hibachi restaurant for they opened a little later than we anticipated.

The weather was gorgeous and the company was nice. All in all, it was just a total blast for all of us especially our children. Here a few snaps of our beautiful and healthy faces, haha! That meet up was what I needed, I so missed real face to face interaction with good friends, friends I am comfortable with and friends that I can be myself around them.

Left to Right: Piping and her two children, Rose and Allison, Myself and my firstborn, Sheryl and my husband and my second born on a beautiful day.
 photo Jadyns7thbday095_zpsf07595a7.jpg
the three beautiful mommies and our FIL-AM beauties

 photo Jadyns7thbday119_zpsdedb5c77.jpg

… the originals!
 photo trio_zpsc08429cf.jpg

The Filipino-American Christmas Party 2014

Here’s a photo of me and my first born taken last Saturday at a neighbor’s house during a FIL-AM Christmas Party located just five blocks away from our house. It was a last minute invitation from one of our mutual friends and gladly I was available.

I only brought J with me, little M was too sick to come with us. It was nice to have attended the party, there were plenty of scrumptious food but the attendees were mostly Tagalog since the host of the party are Tagalog. There were just three of us who speak Bisaya. I didn’t talk much around them instead I was the listener most of the time. Most of the visitors I haven’t met before and didn’t want to talk about either so just stayed quiet the entire time, or if I did talk, just a bit.

You know I am in my most comfortable self when I am with people I know/have met before or with fellow Bisaya.

After the feast, we had an exchange gifts.  Second photo shown below is what my first born got, a party serving set. I am happy of what she got, this is very useful during a small gathering or any occasion that requires me to display small servings on the table for my family to enjoy.

I didn’t expect that we can bring home this beautiful set for I didn’t put a prettier stuff for our gift. But anyway, what’s inside the box don’t matter much, what counts is we got to join the activity and got to meet new people.

 photo me14_zps5e795769.jpg
 photo trayparty_zps50c4512b.jpg

I’m Looking for a Filipina in Fort Worth

I have been living in Fort Worth, TX for over eight years now but the title of this entry doesn’t seem to suit me. Some of you might wonder, why? After 8 years I still haven’t found a Filipina? That is not the case. I know a number of Filipinas (I can’t count how many) in the DFW , around and near my area. In fact, I got one who is just four blocks away from our house but the problem is, she is busy. She is working and I am not.

I guess, what I am looking for is someone who is a stay-at-home mommy like me whom I can hang out with sometimes. There was this Filipina I met abruptly at a laundry mat in McCart Avenue last Saturday who have just been here for three months. That was a very brief conversation we made and I regret I didn’t even ask her name, or if she has a Facebook. If only I knew her name, I could very well search for her on the internet… if only… if only…

I did ask her phone number though but she refused to give it to me for she doesn’t memorize the whole thing yet, which is understandable for me. I gave her my number but until now she hasn’t called me. I am waiting for that very call from her and begin knowing her once that is being made.

I plan of going back to that same laundry place this weekend again in the hope of seeing her and her kids there. If not, then we’re not meant to be friends, haha.

But anyway, little did I know that I wished a while back to find a new Filipina in this area so that I can have someone to hang out with, somehow, God heard that but the chance slipped through my finger. Crossing my fingers that I could see her again, hohohoho. Or if not, she’ll get into the internet and search on Google about Filipinas in Fort Worth and that she will find this entry of mine. Who knows, there is a miracle is going to happen, if not soon… then next month, lol!

Icon Helmets To Protect Your Head

So many people in Texas love riding their motorcycle or bike as they call it in the freeways and toll roads. I am scared for them because I don’t feel safer with just two wheels when in the fast roads. While most of the riders wear proper riding gear, there are also a few who don’t. They are calling for their death without wearing protective gear for their head. They should know that the head should be safe at all times. Try looking at these icon helmets, if you haven’t bought one helmet for you then it is your time to get it. Besides, it is the start of tax free weekend.

Older Neighborhood

…. above photo is clear shot of Rockmoor Drive where our house can be located.. we were going home from a long walk when I took this one today

According to my husband he cannot live in a newer neighborhood as it has no yard (so very little privacy from people passing by peeking into his windows), narrow streets, short driveway and houses aren’t impressive. They are just like boxes with cover on top from afar forming a house. B-O-R-I-N-G as he say. For him, living in a new neighborhood are best suited for people who do not do any yard work, someone who will just go to work, go home, stay inside the house, sleep and go to work again.

Certainly he wouldn’t change a thing where we are at right now. It is such a privilege to live in an older, nicer, quieter and peaceful(less crimes, no scumbags around) neighborhood like Edgecliff Village.

We have just moved in this place three months ago and already we have learned to like the place, a lot! Friendly neighbors as well as wider streets that you wouldn’t worry for your child to be in danger when you go out for a walk for it is just very quiet here. Just perfect for raising a family!

Since it was such a beautiful day at Wintertime here in our place, we took advantage of strolling around this new neighborhood we’re in. Actually it has been a week we had plenty of sunshine but yesterday and today was perfect to not feel the chills at all although it was gusty yet enough to enjoy the fresh air and the pretty view this place can offer.

So here goes the pictures taken from my mobile phone yesterday and today just to prove how beautiful the weather here lately.

…the house on top of the hill I saw yesterday… the photo shows the back view of the house which for me looks neat and cool.
….my baby with her doll in a carriage just started our walk two houses down from our home..
… Edgecliff neighborhood, the road here is kind of elevated so she was going faster this time…
… thankfully I found a mini park just in this block we belong, I plan of going there when I need time to get away from the house for a short time..

…. one of the houses that I like at the back of our house..

….the sign says CLIFFISDE PARK and am lovin’ it
…… also the little playground 4 blocks away located in a new neighborhood… to get there, we’ll have to cross two busy streets!