Meet-up with City Friends

Though we did not stay long in Fort Worth during the Thanksgiving holiday week but I was able to do some things I planned before driving over there. I met-up with friends and had a good time with them. Wednesday, my kids and I spent our day with Ofelia and her kids at Central Market play ground and had a small Thanksgiving dinner at her apartment, fed the ducks and did a quick shopping at the Filipino store nearby.

Thursday, I had lunch with friends from work before at Red Lobster Hulen. As usual, nice bonding and good time! It was soo nice to finally see them and interact face to face. Something I missed so much while living in the country. After that sumptuous lunch, we headed to the mall and went shopping with them.

My time spent with these people was so worth it and things went well as planned. Would love to see them again hopefully in Christmas.




2nd Annual Spring Picnic with Friends in Fort Worth

The group of Filipinas in South side of Fort Worth including myself had our 2nd annual Spring Picnic in French Lake Drive in March 26, 2016. The weather that days was 77 degrees so perfect for our picnic. We had plenty of food for each of us had to bring 2-3 different type of meals, combined altogether equals a sumptuous lunch plus take home dishes!

I love this group of Filipinas because they are people I can hangout to laugh with, talk with, eat with and most of all be silly with. I am thankful I found them, two of whom are my neighbors because being with them somehow eases my homesickness.

I need that sense of being home by hanging out with these ladies not just for me but for our kids to play and have fun together once in a while. We all need that quick escape from house chores and work and chill a bit once in a while, you know?

As usual, I had a blast spending at least 6 hours of so much fun in the sun while also watching our kids play in the playground, run around, burning their energy and socializing with other friends’ kids. The group plan to continue this annual picnic in the next coming years as well as organize other outdoor activities pretty soon like camping out and or summer road trip down to Waco.

We shall see if these will push through…

…. a full table of food brought by the ladies and more desserts on the other table… people who passed by our table would look and amazed how much food we had….
 photo P1013002_zpst7gzmide.jpg
 photo 2ndspringpicnic_zpsdrietbvo.jpg

 photo 2ndspringpicnic1_zpsshleim3h.jpg

 photo 2ndspringpicnic.jpg2_zpsgu0sx8gb.jpg


Things I am Thankful For Everyday not Just on Thanksgiving Day

Quite a number of shoutouts on Facebook greeting everybody a Happy Thanksgiving Day! Well, while that sound amazing and caring, they thank as if they don’t have to be thankful for everyday.

I am thankful everyday silently and say it directly to my Lord! I am not so vocal with it. Today, let me write down the things I am blessed with and it is just right to be thankful for all these not just today but everyday as long as I am alive.

1. Healthy Marriage. For over a decade I am married to my husband, that’s a long time for me and that’s one of the greatest blessing I have.

2. Healthy Family. My children and my husband are my world, big bonus they are healthy and well everyday. Children are happy and have joyous hearts. As a mother, that make me content seeing them giggling, laughing and playing.

3. Safety. We’ll never know when’s our last time here on Earth especially the kind of job my husband has. So seeing him coming home every afternoon safe and sound is something I pray for every night and God keep him safe. I am very thankful for that you know.

4. Financially Well. While we don’t have the latest gadgets or late model cars, we are financially well compare to most American families. We don’t have a debt nor car and mortgage payments every month. Thank God to that!

5. Stable Job. I am thankful for my husband’s stable job with great benefits. We are a one-income family yet we are able to live a comfortable life because of him. He works hard and bring in enough money to support our needs. We also live within our means and don’t buy things we cannot afford.

6. Shelter and Food. Are the very basics of life. We are warm in winter and cool in summer in our house. And we never ran out of food! Such a big blessings to us. My girls not experiencing hunger in our home.

7. Life. I am thankful  to God for giving us a “new life” everyday. As we wake up in the morning, I remember I am alive and well and able to live another day in order to experience great things life has to offer.

How about you? What are the things you are thankful for not just on Thanksgiving but everyday?

thanksgiving photo: ThanksGiving AA21cid5FX5FMA25F119267013140aol.jpg

Weekend Meetup with New and Old Friends

I had so much fun hanging out with a new and my old time friends. Two of the girls were Sheryl and Rosalie are my friends more than 7 years here in Fort Worth, there are actually three of us, Annie and family weren’t able to come for she had to work. We used to hangout often back in our early years but then it had changed since Rosalie moved to Utah. We can only hang out when they fly over here. When they do, we make sure we sit down together to have dinner and chit chat just like the old times.

Their visit to Texas was a perfect timing to celebrate my firstborn’s 7th birthday. I invited them over to Chuck E. Cheese’s so the kids can do the rides and games in there. That weekend hangout went perfect as planned except that we didn’t get to dine in at Japanese Hibachi restaurant for they opened a little later than we anticipated.

The weather was gorgeous and the company was nice. All in all, it was just a total blast for all of us especially our children. Here a few snaps of our beautiful and healthy faces, haha! That meet up was what I needed, I so missed real face to face interaction with good friends, friends I am comfortable with and friends that I can be myself around them.

Left to Right: Piping and her two children, Rose and Allison, Myself and my firstborn, Sheryl and my husband and my second born on a beautiful day.
 photo Jadyns7thbday095_zpsf07595a7.jpg
the three beautiful mommies and our FIL-AM beauties

 photo Jadyns7thbday119_zpsdedb5c77.jpg

… the originals!
 photo trio_zpsc08429cf.jpg

I Re-acquired My Filipino Citizenship

When I became a US Citizen four years ago, I lost my Filipino citizenship. And for that I had to apply for the retention/re-acquisition of my Filipino citizenship. Guess, it was the last governmental papers I had to do and hopefully there’ll be no more in the future although applying for a Philippine passport is on my mind right now but that is not necessary.

Anyway, I re–acquired my Filipino citizenship last September 28, 2014. It was a success and my second child benefited from it. She is now also has a Dual citizenship which entitles her to bear both PI and American passport. As for the first born, I am not sure about her status although I filed for report of her birth. I may have to apply for dual citizenship someday to ensure that she’ll be treated as a Filipino citizen in the Philippines and not looked at as a tourist.

Thankful to God for all the life’s blessings and opportunities He has given me being in this great and wonderful nation, the U.S. OF A! Oh not forgetting to mention, I don’t know if it’s coincidence or whatever you call it. The day I became a dual citizen, that was also the last day I spoke with my father on the telephone three years ago. September 28, 2011 we spoke happily and two weeks after that, he died!

 photo dualmuzy_zps5f3a1028.jpg

Alive at 31

I don’t normally take solo pictures of myself, not unless I have to. I often update my Facebook wall with photos but not of my face but of my kids, food, flowers or other interesting shots of things I see beautiful. Anyway, since it’s my blog, I am entitled to love myself a little bit by posting these photos taken a day after I turned 31 for remembrance purposes.

As much as possible, I take photos of how I look each year I celebrate my birthday so to compare them from previous years. Oh man, I’m really 31 now! I remember, when I was 17… I was rushing to be 18 so that I won’t scare men of my age. I was itching to find a serious man at that age and when I told them how old I was, they seemed to back out and never chat with me again. When I was 18, I was the happiest. A couple of years later, here I am… amazed at how the years went by so quickly.

Yes, I am 31 and a secret to confess, I have not had an experience working from outside the house. I mean, I only had a brief 3 months paid occupation when I was single and that’s it. All I was focusing in my younger years was to find a man to marry.

I found the one for me and now have a close-knit family of my own. I am a full-time mom, a blogger and does a job that pays so little online. I don’t complain being at home though. Not all mothers have the privilege to stay home, take care of their kids and have no boss around. Some are forced to work just so to make ends meet, I am not. My husband provides for the family and consider myself lucky because of the stable job he has.

Thankful to the Heavens above for the life’s blessings He poured into me and to my family. For all the greatness life has to offer and for granting me my biggest dream in life.

 photo muzypic_zpsbfeb7aa7.jpg

Blessed with Tasks

I am a blogger and I mainly depend on paid tasks I receive from different paid blogging companies. It has been slow since December but I am keeping the faith that blogging is going to pick up anytime soon. My blogging income goes to my family in the Philippines, pay some of my credit I owe from the bank card, personal shopping and cash savings.

This week I feel blessed to have been rained on with tasks, thanks to that! But, the company keeps delaying our pay so when it arrives, it goes directly to my ever growing credit, lol. What choice do I have instead wait patiently for I know time will come, things will get better.

According to my Chinese horoscope, this year is better than last year. We shall see as months go by. I truly hope there is a difference this year because I am planning of visiting the Philippines next year and so saving some money should start now!

I Gathered My Family for Christmas Lunch

As always, in every occasion, there’s always just the four of us. Our Christmas day started out good. The big girl was all shocked and joyous when she saw all those wrapped presents under the tree. She really believed Santa came and dropped those for them.

At one o’clock, I gathered my family to sit down and shared our lunch together. The celebration was simple, no one said a thank You prayer but I did silently, in my heart and in my mind. I am thankful that despite of the distance I am separated from my Filipino family, yet God blessed me with my own family to celebrate His birthday with. I couldn’t be more thankful for the grace, joy, gift of marriage, love and unity that Christmas season brings.

Here’s a small feast I prepared for us. Unfortunately, both of our girls didn’t eat well. I wished they could have eaten half of what they put in their plate… it was just me and my husband who ate good… even though he is sick, he still showed appetite to the foods.

So, generally, that’s how we spent our Christmas. How was yours? Did you spend it with your family, relatives or friends? Tell me about it!

 photo fam1_zps22e07717.jpg

 photo fam_zps5bf928bc.jpg

Working on Thanksgiving Day

It’s one of the biggest Holidays in the US today, Thanksgiving day! My husband is not home. He is out there working. Although he gets double pay working during the Holidays but wouldn’t it be nice to have him home on Holidays like this? I am working too even though I am home with the kids for I am here sitting down on my computer finishing off my online tasks and updating my blogs. It is too normal here having a policeman husband. If the day of the Holiday falls on his working days, then he must go to work. I too, if I have tasks to do, I do them instead of just sitting all day watching t.v.

It is America’s tradition to cook turkey on Thanksgiving but that seems to not exist in our house. Of my 7 years here in America, I never prepare or cook turkey because turkey is a big piece of meat and we have a small family… whose gonna end up eating all of the meat? It’s just me and the husband.

There is no family or relatives around here, so why bother cooking? What I would do this afternoon, instead of turkey, I would just bake a pork belly meat which I already boiled and tenderized, boil some sweet corn kernels, steam some broccoli florets and voila! We will have a simple dinner. Not really a special dinner but at least it can fill our hungry stomach.

Raining with Tasks and I Am Blessed

My week started out kinda hmmm boring, lonely and so quiet in the blogging world. I worried that I may not be getting anymore tasks to do or something that makes money come into my Paypal account. There is no hope in selling my clothes either so I was hopeless……… and then suddenly the world became alive when a sudden eye-widening tasks came flooding in my dashboard! That made my and every blogger’s day!

Now I gotta put my hands and brain to work so I could finish all of these blessings before cut off! Thank You, Lord for always being so nice to me even though I’m a sinner. I certainly am blessed.