Very Thankful and Blessed Day For Me

It is indeed a very thankful and blessed day for me and perhaps for other bloggers too. I received ample amount of tasks in my dashboard today that made my afternoon. My day started very slow as in there were no tasks to do except for those two guest posts sent in my inbox. You know, writing tasks is what keeps my day alive and mornings like today was just a pretty slow and boring one for me.

It is almost 11 o’clock now yet I still have two more tasks left which I can finish tomorrow. I don’t normally leave undone tasks in my dashboard but today was just chaotic. There are two creatures that keep bugging me while I’m on the computer plus I had to do some house chores so I couldn’t really sit on the computer straight especially if the little one is awake.

Thank God for a very productive day for me. I am happy and I am blessed. More moolah coming my way! Muahhhhhh Lord, You are so good all the time. I must sign out now, I am tired and it is getting late… almost movie time napud!

Waiting Patiently

Thank You Lord! I was flooded with opportunities yesterday. Blogging days like this encourage me to write efficient reviews and be more thankful than ever. I couldn’t be happier and prouder to this very paid blogging site who have been so kind with me since the beginning. I started joining their team since 2007.  They have been so helpful to me financially even though at times I could only do a few tasks from them. There is nothing I can say more except THANKS to them.

I just wish one thing though. I wish that the former employee they had will come back. I liked her a lot because whenever I send a concern or question to her, she’d return to me quickly. She was very friendly  and prompt answering all my emails too! When she quit, I felt sad because I don’t know where or who am I gonna send my concerns to?

I’ve been emailing at least 4 or 5 times to their system and haven’t heard a thing from them ever since. I am still here wondering if my blog is ever gonna be declined or accepted or am I being picked on? I don’t know. Somehow, extending my patience until they hear me and hopefully approve my blog and hope they know all my blogs have dedicated IPs each except the  subdomain. SIGH! Right here waiting…



Thankful Sunday

I PRAISE YOU LORD FOR SUCH A BEAUTIFUL, QUIET, CALM AND AWESOME SUNDAY! This is what I love being here in America because I get to experience the quietness of my mornings. I could hear different species of birds chirping, having a  cooler temperature kissing my skin, bright sun shining above us and most of all it is so peaceful! It is only in America that I can have peace of mind, away from noises that neighbors or loud volume radios that other people make.

Although having some quiet and peaceful times can be overwhelming, I also appreciate a little bit of noise sometimes is good and I can only experience this in the Philippines. I don’t know, it is confusing at times because there are moments I want to see a large number of people and children playing outside or hear children’s scream and other times I just want to be in a very silent place. If only I could bring these two worlds closer together so whatever my body yearns for, I could easily visit or go home.

All in all, I am happy and thankful for the gift of life and for being alive another day. I am also thankful that I have given a chance  to live in these two great nations; USA and the Philippines.

Highlight Of My Life During The Year 2011

I am very thankful to God for another year to celebrate life and continue living with appreciation of things big and small that are coming our way. The year 2011 has been great for us. There were some really sky high happiness and real down low moments that forever changed our lives, especially to my life. Let me highlight those big events happened to us/me last year.
1. I got pregnant (conceiving a child is indeed a great blessing for I have prayed for a second child and God heard my heart’s desire).
2. Was able to travel to the Philippines (twice, but the second trip was a bittersweet one for all of us, well tell you later on).
3. March-October ’11, those were some pretty depressing months for both of me and my husband due to some real financial crisis.
4. Met my pretty good friends in person.
5. I gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl M.
6. We added our birthdays another year older, thank God to that…
7. We celebrated 7 yrs. of healthy marriage…that is also when…
8. My father Elson passed away in October 16,2011 due to high blood pressure. That was the darkest day of my life because I did not lose just a random person in my life but MY FATHER! It hurts a lot, I tell you!
9. Blessed with ample amount of money that enabled us to pay off our house, paid some debts, fixed our fence, remodeled our kitchen and (hopefully put a new roof on).
10. Family is intact on Christmas day.
11. And lastly, we were all healthy, safe and have plenty of foods all the time to feed our stomach!
I cannot thank enough to the Lord above for the continuous blessing He poured us, one thing is for sure that I am content and happy I have Him in my life and that He gave me things that satisfy me! THANK YOU LORD FOR A WONDERFUL 2011. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE YEAR 2012. WISHING FOR SUCCESS, WORLD PEACE, FREE FROM SINS, ACCIDENTS, NATURAL CALAMITIES, SICKNESS AND DEATH!

Happy Thursday!

Such a beautiful day to be thankful for! Thank you Lord for this another brand new day to celebrate life. It truly is beautiful today after days of stormy weather, now we got Mr. Sun shine above us. I hope there will be no more tornadoes or any forms of calamity in this place and other neighboring states for it is painful to see the devastation that tornadoes did to the homes of many people. You all who visit this blog, have a great and happy Thursday everyone! Enjoy your day and be thankful we are still alive and healthy!

Stars Shining So Bright

I feel appreciated of my hard work lately. I am glad they noticed my job… for the longest time, I haven’t been caught and showed those stars that shine so bright in each of the task given to me. Sheriff, if in case you read my posting, I would like to tell you how much I appreciate you putting handcuffs in my hands. I love it when you do that. I feel blessed and happy!
I hope you know that I exert effort in what I do. I just don’t write for the sake of earning money or finishing off my job fast but I take my time searching or investigating what I am going to write about based on the provided anchor text that is hurled to me to get the right information so I could share it to my readers. You see, I never had a single task that gone expired for as long as I have internet connection I gladly do them as soon as they are in my dashboard. Thanks so much for the blessings!


I’m right here, tapping on my computer while front door is open. Listening to the sound of raindrops, feeling the cool and refreshing breeze coming from the outside. Ah! Nothing could be better for a morning like this. So quiet and all I could hear is the rain pouring heavily. What a beautiful day, oh dear God! Thank you for giving us another brand new day to celebrate life with You!

Life is good when someone you love is there with you, savoring each ordinary moment that makes your day extra special. I have my family with me, Jadyn is healthy, my better half is good and I feel good too. Wow what a lovely life!

…sounds like in I’m in deep thoughts today…but I’m just pondering the special life I am living…that makes me thankful to the Creator for giving me my dream a reality.