I Exercised My Right, I Voted

I am a naturalized US citizen, therefore, I can vote and I have equal rights with people who were born here in the United States. One of my rights is to vote for a president whom I think is a great fit that truly and sincerely has good intentions for this great country.

October 29th I voted for someone who I think is “right”, who shares the same belief as me, a candidate who thinks of the American people should come first and is not a criminal. It is my second time to vote for the United States President and I am proud I am able to do it. God Bless the USA this coming election and that there is no fraud going to happen so that all votes will go to a candidate who deserves to win to make America great again!

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Was Given a Second Chance and Got My Job Back

I consider myself lucky because I was given a second chance at work and got re-hired. Not all employers will take you back after you suddenly quit without two weeks notice but my bosses are awesome! I am thankful more than ever and will treasure my job, that I promise to myself.

They say, don’t make a decision when you are upset or when emotion is high or you’re gonna end up regretting it. That’s what happened to me three days after I sent my resignation letter electronically. My co-workers told me that I am lucky because I got hired directly by the employer while some of them went to an agency, they have 90 days probation and it’s up to the director whether to hire them or not. So, that alone, I almost wasted that opportunity and did not realize how fortunate I am.

Meanwhile, I love going to work these days now even though the physical demands are high. I come home end of the day fatigued and exhausted but it’s alright. I am doing something worthwhile at the hospital, got to interact with people of different ages and different walks of life. And most of all, I am earning some money while being away from home.

My job is something I look forward to go to everyday because I have co-workers who listen to my stories and laugh at my silly jokes. My job keeps me busy and keeps my mind occupied for the whole entire 9 hours or more I am there. Plus the fact that I am getting my exercise while working. 98.8 maintained weight nowadays and I don’t even have to restrict myself from eating so much. I need to eat a lot as many times a day as I can to replenish the lost calories.

It’s My Time to Find a Job

The time has come, it is now my time to find a job and experience how it is to mingle and try to get along with other people in a work setting outside our home. I have been applying jobs online an in person, I’ve had one interview so far and a few invitations to the establishments I applied for but these invitations I got cold feet at the last minute so I did not go.

I have been waiting for this time to come, a decade to be exact that this day I will be proven that I am capable of finding a job I like just like everybody else. I will find one hopefully, the right job that my heart tells me to do.

My husband retired just a little over a month ago which I am glad, no more worries of his life at risk for he is now staying at home 24/7. I am anxious to get my first real job in the USA. Yes, I have been here for over ten years yet hasn’t experienced working outside. Well, except for that taking care of an elderly neighbor and actually being paid for my service.

What differs this time from my previous caregiving job is that, I have co-workers to get along with, report and drive at a workplace on time that requires driving and most of all, a boss that I need to impress. Hopefully I can get this job that I really want to do. Cross fingers with that.

Things I am Thankful For Everyday not Just on Thanksgiving Day

Quite a number of shoutouts on Facebook greeting everybody a Happy Thanksgiving Day! Well, while that sound amazing and caring, they thank as if they don’t have to be thankful for everyday.

I am thankful everyday silently and say it directly to my Lord! I am not so vocal with it. Today, let me write down the things I am blessed with and it is just right to be thankful for all these not just today but everyday as long as I am alive.

1. Healthy Marriage. For over a decade I am married to my husband, that’s a long time for me and that’s one of the greatest blessing I have.

2. Healthy Family. My children and my husband are my world, big bonus they are healthy and well everyday. Children are happy and have joyous hearts. As a mother, that make me content seeing them giggling, laughing and playing.

3. Safety. We’ll never know when’s our last time here on Earth especially the kind of job my husband has. So seeing him coming home every afternoon safe and sound is something I pray for every night and God keep him safe. I am very thankful for that you know.

4. Financially Well. While we don’t have the latest gadgets or late model cars, we are financially well compare to most American families. We don’t have a debt nor car and mortgage payments every month. Thank God to that!

5. Stable Job. I am thankful for my husband’s stable job with great benefits. We are a one-income family yet we are able to live a comfortable life because of him. He works hard and bring in enough money to support our needs. We also live within our means and don’t buy things we cannot afford.

6. Shelter and Food. Are the very basics of life. We are warm in winter and cool in summer in our house. And we never ran out of food! Such a big blessings to us. My girls not experiencing hunger in our home.

7. Life. I am thankful  to God for giving us a “new life” everyday. As we wake up in the morning, I remember I am alive and well and able to live another day in order to experience great things life has to offer.

How about you? What are the things you are thankful for not just on Thanksgiving but everyday?

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Modern Family We Are

Here’s a typical scene of our weekend. Nothing special, just simple living everyday. Upon waking up in the morning on weekends, this is what we usually do. Everybody gets on the internet and each just do their thing. If the girls aren’t on the computer, they’d sit in front of the t.v or play with toys. Both parents are on their respective computer as well.

In our household, it is quiet, sometimes chaotic, less drama and minimal fighting between the two girls. Other than that, we are normally sane people living in this humble abode of ours! A family that is like any other family but rest assured, we have something that others don’t. I so love my family that I built for ten years now. Thank God for my beautiful girls and a husband who works hard to bring food on the table and provide us a cozy shelter during cold winter months.

Just a simple life like this is very well appreciated by me! So thankful that I have them in my life.

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Something to Look Forward to this Weekend

I love it when we have a schedule or activities to do in the weekend to come. It bores me to death that the only thing I could think of when the weekend is here is to clean the house. Not that I am complaining but I also need a little bit of a change of my routine, you know? It gets tiring too doing the same chores over and over again.

We will have 4 days off starting tomorrow. It’s teacher’s Prep day tomorrow, it’s my firstborn’s birthday and yes, it’s a good timing so we can sleep in! Saturday, we plan of bringing the kids to Chuck E Cheese’s as promised and meet up with two other friends there, head to a Japanese restaurant afterwards so we can all sit down together and chat.

Sunday, we will be attending a birthday party in one of the Filipino neighbors whose child is celebrating his 7th birthday. This is important that we can go because the child is my firstborn’s classmate in Pre-K and she considers him as a “special friend”. Both of our girls are excited for the upcoming fun they are going to do this weekend, so do I because I get to go out the house for a while and not to mention, we will have a long weekend.

It is the Season of Giving

Christmas is the time of sharing and giving. Though we may not have enough money this Christmastime yet we manage to put food on the table, buy presents for ourselves and most of all keeping up with our bills. I can still say we have been blessed though we may not realized it. God used his instruments to bless us with the things we need.

With that being said, I want to be a small blessing to two people. As my way of appreciation of my daughters first grade teacher, I gave her a set of Victoria’s Secret hand cream. She was so thankful and the look on her face when she thanked me was awesome.

Second person I handed a gift to is the older lady crossing guard at my daughter’s school. We learned that she lost her son to cancer last year. Who would have thought she’d experienced such a terrible loss because everyday we passed by her, she manage to flash her smile to parents and always ready to wave hello to all of us. With that alone gives me inspiration. That no matter how hard life is, we still need to smile to be sane. So I gave her a box full of personal care, photo shown below. Those aren’t much but I hope those help her a bit this Christmas.

Today, I want to pause for a moment and give thanks to the Lord above for giving us good health always and safety everyday of our lives. We have a choking legal fees of $22K but we are thankful because we are fine marriage-wise and we’re all healthy.

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Too Many Online Things to Do

Wew! Looks like it is gonna be a pretty busy day for me online. I received quite a blogging tasks, a resume to make and a photo slideshow to be done today. I am confused what to do first as I am the kind of person that don’t allow my jobs to sit and wait for one day. Gladly, I have all my time whole day today and I should get started as soon as possible.

Another thing, my stomach is growling like crazy. When I am hungry, I can’t quite function. I can’t complain though as I am earning a bit doing some of these tasks. Hopefully, the little Princess won’t be as demanding like she normally are keeping me stand up from time to time. Anyway, gotta keep busy and do multi-tasking now! Have a good one you all guys!

Some Help is Greatly Appreciated

I don’t know yet but I have been praying for two things to happen. The one that I sincerely pray would be over soon is the lawsuit for it weighs heavily on us! Despite of that, my husband is managing well between providing his family proper financial support to paying our monthly bills, paid off our loans and keep up with the drowning legal bills every month that we don’t know when it is going to stop.

Thankful to the Lord above too for the gift of good health, all of us have been just absolutely healthy, aside from that He had given my husband another way to earn a few $$ when he’s off duty. I couldn’t be more grateful because of what has been going on with our life, yet we manage, financially wise!

If there is some help, big or small coming our way, that will be greatly appreciated. Whatever it is, I don’t know and have no idea. I just have to accept it wholeheartedly when it comes. Thank You daan Lord for it! You are so good all the time!

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Life is Beautiful and Too Short

Every single day that we wake up in the morning is a blessing. That alone, we should be thankful to God for it. A brand new day means you are given another day to live your life on Earth to continue doing the good things you love to do, spend it with your loved ones or to those people that matter to you the most. If you are married or having a partner with you, tell them you love them everyday, hug as tight as you can and laugh as hard as you can for you’ll never know when your time on Earth expires. And when you do, the sweet memories of you will forever be remembered by those you touched.

A week ago, I woke up to this very shocking, scary and unbelievably surreal news of someone who we never thought would die that early. He was someone who I used to hangout with. I viewed him as a nice, ever smiling and full of life person who loved his wife and life. Then all of the sudden, a Facebook posting from our common friends announcing his death. Days after, we learned that he had died of heart attack while at the gym. So sad for the family he left behind. How could such a “gym enthusiast” person suddenly died of heart attack while working out?

People and friends of his are expressing their grief on Facebook and with that you can tell, a number of people whose lives are touched by the deceased. For sure, they will all be present on his funeral service, and that will be tomorrow. I am hoping that I and my family can be there too to pay respect and say our final goodbye to him.