I Caught a Big-Mouthed Bass

Last weekend we had so much fun! We went for a short getaway and was really looking forward to fishing. We were not disappointed because all three of us caught some fish. It was my 5-yr old girl who caught fish first, she had a blue gill fish and later on, I caught a big-mouthed bass about 2.5 pounds!

Then my 8-year old followed, she caught 3 small size catfish after spending quite some time in the pond fishing by herself.

I was so tempted to cook it and put in the grill but Mike did not allow me to cook the fish because he wanted to wait until next year when the fish will double its size. But after that fish took the bait, it got loose with the hook still attached to its mouth which will likely cause him for his death.

OH well, nothing I could do but feeling satisfied for the first time I caught a really big fish. I was so happy and my kids were encouraged to continue fishing.

 photo fishingme_zpsmhi2ebnd.jpg

Beautiful Country Scenery

If you want complete peace of mind, absolute quiet and away from trouble, the country is a place to be. Here are some views I took when we visited Avery, Texas last weekend. We stayed for 2 nights at a friend’s house and enjoyed the surroundings and all.

In his front yard, are tall trees. His backyard is a wide and open field where the two small and medium-sized ponds are located. The road to get to the main highway is not paved or if it is, it is too thin that you can barely tell there’s a pavement there. I find it cool driving on a dirt road, something to admire the beauty of nature.

When it’s sun rise and sunset, you can clearly see the sun rays kissing your skin and oh just beautiful out there.

First photo below was taken at 6 in the afternoon. Background are trees awaiting Spring. Second photo is of the dirt road we took from his house to the main road. You can see the trees along the road how beautifully they are lined up that makes the travel so gorgeous.

Thirdly, is his front porch view.

Imagine living in the city where there are a million people in it and moving to a country like Avery and the population is only 482!

 photo sunset_zpsn3atk97k.jpg
 photo trees_zpsofc5nuyg.jpg
 photo porchview_zpsipuqjnli.jpg

Road Trip to Houston

August 27, 2016 was a fun day for me and my friends. One of the Filipinas I hang out with in our area invited me and other ladies to have a road trip to Houston for a treat. Fiilipinos love Jollibee and the only Jollibee we have in Texas is in Houston.

We have made four stops while in Houston. The first stop was in Houston National Forest, there we found tall Pine trees and purple berries that I have never seen in Texas before. Second stop was Jollibee/Red Ribbon/Manila Mini Mart/Pugon de Manila. The highlight of the trip is to dine in at Jollibee, added bonus are the three other stores that are located in the same premises as Jollibee, so convenient for us.

The third stop was at Kemah Boardwalk. It is at least an hour away from Jolllibee but we had a driver whose feet can’t stay in one place. And advantage for all of us, not only we had a free ride/driver, we also got to feel the ocean breeze while at Kemah and exercised as well. It was one hot humid day but we didn’t mind it at all, we had too much fun to complain.

On our way back to Fort Worth, we stopped by Sam Houston visiting center where we saw and taken pictures of Sam Houston’s gigantic statue. “Sam Houston was an American politician and soldier, best known for his role in bringing Texas into the United States as a constituent state. His victory at the Battle of San Jacinto secured the independence of Texas from Mexico in one of the shortest decisive battles in modern history.”

It was exactly what I needed, to have fun, breathe some fresh air, hangout with people who laugh a lot, talk endlessly in our native language. If you have too much staycation in the house, all you could wish for is to get out for a day or two and that what happened last Saturday. I loved our trip and couldn’t ask for a better company these ladies in photos below.

Behind us is the main reason why we did not mind driving for 4 hours, because it is a treat!

 photo 14079847_10208219999396056_7509011223019637156_n_zpsa4ux1hss.jpg

 photo samhouston_zpsl80picy6.jpg

 photo houston2_zpslsqkkeka.jpg

Goodbye is Not Always Easy

Over the course of almost ten years of living here in the USA, I have traveled at least 9 times back to my homeland. I consider myself lucky because I know a few of Filipinas who have not gone home for a couple of years and visit their family. One reason is that, traveling overseas can be very expensive and not all people have the budget for that so they stayed in America and do not know when they will be able to do that.

Have I not going home in the past years my children would not have  a sense of living in a poor country nor an idea where their mother came from. They would have not known their Filipino roots especially my first born who luckily met her grandfather before passing away, they would have not experienced playing with relatives outdoors with pure fun and gadgets is out of the picture, etc.

Every trip we made in the past always had good memories created and the more we come visit the Philippines, the more my little siblings and our girls form a solid bond only uncle,auntie and nieces share. We travel every two years and stay there for a month or longer but that seems too short when you are enjoying your stay with them.

As what they say, all good things have come to an end just like a vacation should also end. And you know when that time comes, even if you are not ready to come back to the US yet, you have to and saying goodbye is not always easy. Pictures below were taken just a few hours before our departure on August 12,2015. My mother, little brother and sister have always been grateful of our visit and they are the reason despite of my bad encounter with my brothers inspire me why I should come back to the Philippines again and again.

 photo departure1_zps8cxm6f9y.jpg

 photo departure_zps8nwlgtvj.jpg

Happy National Siblings Day!

If it wasn’t of Facebook I would have not known that today is a National Siblings Day celebration. Here’s my family photos for today’s occasion. Photos 1 and 2 are pretty much the same, only we took
turns by the photographer to ensure everybody is in the picture.

These were taken last November 2,2011 in our house in Cebu, Philippines. They were by the way when me and my firstborn about to go to the airport for departure. My father wasn’t in the picture and wouldn’t be anymore for he went to Heaven with the Lord.

In fact, the purpose of my travel at that time was to attend his wake and funeral. Sad huh, yes it was! Looking at these photo makes me thankful for the “pasaway” family I have back in the Philippines for they are the reason to come home to every two years.

 photo siblings_zpsc5220357.jpg

 photo siblings2_zps288a7930.jpg

Completing my To-Buy-List

As days go by, I am getting close to completing my to-buy list to bring to the U.S. I am getting anxious going back to Texas as I missed the comfortable life awaiting for us. If I have some budget left, I would buy more dried squid that are re-packed so I can resell them on Facebook. A Filipina hinted me about bringing some and sell some to her.

I also missed the cold and nicer temperature hohoho. The heat in the Philippines is too much that it makes me uncomfortable whenever I am not in the mall or out walking in the sun. I am pretty much so used to the nice weather of Texas that is why….

It would be awesome if me and my girls can get to hug our husband/dada and be a family again. Five weeks being apart from him is kinda long for the children although they enjoy their stay here so much but Jadyn is asking to go back to Texas from time to time.

A Little Bit Concerned

We are so ready for our upcoming long flight to Seoul, South Korea this Tuesday. My bags are packed and just literally waiting for that day of our departure. Although things may seem easy, I am not sure if I should be concerned of what is going on in North Korea. We do have 4 hours of layover in Seoul and I must admit, I am a bit worried… so many what ifs  in my mind while waiting for our connecting flight to Cebu.

God forbid. I pray that He will not allow any war break outs during our stay there or no war should occur between the two Koreas and the U.S. South Koreans are doing their usual daily activities as if there is no tension between their country and the neighboring country… well, I will just maybe fly like there is nothing going on.

Hopefully we will be able to land in Cebu safe and sound, see my brother and sister at the airport and we all be excited to be at my parents’ house for 5 weeks. See you soon, Cebu!!

Find your sanctuary with the Oasis Of The Seas

One of the undoubted attractions of cruise holidays in general is the prospect of finding a place and a scenario in which you can simply relax and unwind without a care in the world. Whether that means staring out to sea with a glass of something tasty between your fingers or it means throwing yourself into a range of new and interesting activities, a trip aboard the Oasis of the Seas can offer it all and plenty more besides.

 The Oasis of the Seas is in fact one of the most incredible commercial vessels ever put to work on the world’s great oceans. Designed to offer a virtually endless array of wondrous activities, attractions and entertainments, the Royal Caribbean ship is a sight to behold and a fantastic place to spend time with loved ones. Families are welcomed with open arms and if relaxation is the name of the game as far as your next cruise holiday is concerned then you will love the unique delights of the Oasis’ Central Park gardens.

 However you decide to spend your time on what is one of Royal Caribbean’s flagship vessels, you might genuinely struggle to believe that you are out on the open waves, such are the scale of each area of the ship and the attractions you’ll find there. The promise is of unforgettable holidays and fun for all the family but you might be surprised at just how affordable the prices on even the most amazing cruise holidays can be these days. By picking up late cruise deals of one sort or another you can secure yourself a magnificent getaway taking in some amazing coastlines for considerably less than you might imagine. A little online research will set you well on your way.




Lake Garda: A 7-Day Itinerary

The sheer beauty that Italy offers sometimes goes unnoticed by the average holidaymakers opting instead for a beach holiday or a hotel with a fabulous pool. When your children are young, all you want is for them to be happy, and by doing so some truly spectacular alternative destinations are missed entirely.

Lake Garda holidays offer the visitor a retreat into the Italian mountains and allow them to be surrounded by enormous amounts of natural beauty throughout their stay. With so much to do on Italian lakes holidays, it’ll be difficult to comprehend why you haven’t made a visit sooner.

It is advisable to hire a car to allow you to fully appreciate the beauty that the area holds. Having the freedom to drive where you like means that you will be able to uncover some secluded beauty spots that the normal tourist would ordinarily miss.

For scenic panoramas, head to the north of the lake where you will be spoilt for choice of beauty spots. Take a drive around the scenic roads and stop to catch your breath whilst admiring the views.

Spend a day visiting the town of Limone sul Garda. Ascend the hills to Tremosine where you will be able to capture some breathtaking views.

There’s a huge range of watersports available on the lakes, as well as a whole host of outdoor pursuits nearby, including canyoning, climbing and tandem paragliding, not to mention attempting the via ferrata, making climbing and walking along isolated routes more possible.

If you’re travelling with family or even as a group of friends, spend a day at Gardaland – apparently the third best theme park in Europe, and enough to quench any rollercoaster fan’s thirst for thrills.

Lake Garda and the nearby Lake Como are two of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, and with the multitude of activities available here, the chance of boredom isn’t just slight, but nigh on impossible for families, couples and groups alike.

Spotlight On: Turkey Holidays 2013

Turkey holidays are a firm favourite for UK holidaymakers looking for an exotic summer stint in Europe. Save money when you book with Direct Holidays and bag a 2013 early bird deal to this dynamic destination.

Located east of the Greek Island of Rhodes, in western Asia, Turkey benefits from a mix of both Mediterranean and Asian climate influences. While maintaining cooler winters and sunny summers, temperatures in parts of Turkey can reach as high as 40 degrees C during peak season, thanks to its geographical positioning.

It is not only the weather that benefits from Turkey’s Asian and Mediterranean setting.  The Aegean Sea provides the country with some stunning twinkling turquoise shorelines which are effortlessly fused with local bazaars and historical sites – in just over five hours you will be in your own short haul paradise.

Those who enjoy visiting contemporary resorts, with an abundance of nightlife and attractions in a cultured setting, would suit a stint in Bodrum. Gumbet is the party capital, for lovers of lasers and neon, while central Bodrum offers an eclectic mix of traditional culture, contemporary verve and vibrant nightlife.

Turkey holidays to Hammamet are superb for families. As well as the soft, safe sands, Hammamet boasts a wildlife park, theme park and water parks. Many hotel complexes on an all inclusive basis will provide free access to any water rides it has within its grounds.

Culture lovers should head to Side, on the south coast of Turkey, for a sojourn steeped in history. Side was once the home of Alexander the Great, and later the Romans. In addition to the Turkish bazaars and modern day local life, there are a number of both Greek and Roman sites and ruins to discover. Be sure to visit the Vespasian Gate and The Temple of Apollo.

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