Snow 2018

Snow at last! We’ve waited for snow here in Texas for 3 years and it finally came yesterday. Well, luckily we got an inch or two here in our new place. Meanwhile, in Fort Worth and DFW metroplex, they got none.

For some people in much colder states like NY, MN and other parts of the United States, snow for them is a calvary. It’s the opposite here in Texas but once we do get some, rest assured roads will be dangerous to drive especially on bridges. That is why, when there is sleet, icy roads or snow, school and businesses will be closed.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I expected for some thick and all-white ground. To my dismay, there wasn’t much except for some spots that have leaves on the ground holding the snow to keep in close contact directly to the soil.

Anyways, we enjoyed it a bit but then the temperature is overly cold so I did not stay outside for long. My girls were in and out the house yesterday and complained about being too cold.

Snow 2018

Snow 2018

Snow 2018

Snow 2018

Snow 2018

My Vegetable Garden in Late Spring

I am into gardening as you may have noticed in my previous entries. Too bad I don’t have my gardening blog anymore, you could have followed me through these years boasting about my plants.

Anyway, here are snaps of what we have in the backyard right now. So lush green are the leaves and they are thriving pretty well with all the sunlight and heavy rainfall we’ve been getting lately. It brings joy to my heart seeing my plants grow and eventually harvest some and serve them at the table for my family to enjoy.

In these pots are; carrots, eggplants, okra, Asian spinach or alugbate in our native dialect, Asian long string beans or sitaw in Tagalog and batong in Bisaya, sweet potatoes, lemongrass, cucumber, moringa oleifera or kamunggay, asparagus and some water spinach in separate pots.

I have harvested the potato tops yesterday and made a salad out of it. Both of my girls love the salad, the first born compared the taste to a popping seaweed (lato) that can only be found in the Philippines.

I don’t have anything to brag around here except my beautiful gardens and that we are eating organic around this time of year.

How about you people? Do you have a garden too? What kind of plants do you prefer to have in the garden?

 photo vegetable_zpsbzscu79j.jpg
 photo vegetable1_zpstl2rugjw.jpg

Tornado Warnings Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly

Tornado warnings on and off has been heard a few times since midday. Warnings like these shouldn’t be taken lightly for we only have minutes to take shelter and be safety. We have had some pretty good damage in Tarrant and Dallas counties of tornadoes. A tornado warning has been re-issued in Arlington. Homes are destroyed, trucks are peeled off like a can of sardines, trees were toppled.

Dan Henry and several others are still very busy giving very dangerous situation warnings in several counties. Right now they are monitoring closely in Arlington for tornado and damaging hail. Everybody seems scared including me. I could hear the people’s murmur on Facebook, they too are monitoring the condition by watching closely the forecast. I hope this is going to be over so we can calm down and not be afraid anymore.




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Taking Cover

I just had a scare of my life for tornado warning for SE Tarrant county. What scared me the most is when there was a tornado touchdown in Burleson which just a few miles from here. I grabbed my two girls and hid in the closet for more than ten minutes.

This is what I hate about Spring season. A season for tornadoes and hail, thunderstorms anything related to bad or unpleasant weather. Lord, spare us from harm and death. Weathermen are still so busy talking on t.v right now, it’s been going on for over an hour monitoring the funnel or rotation in different counties. See, Tarrant and Dallas counties are still on tornado warning as of writing this entry.

Thanks for these weather people for the warnings. They help people a lot although they cannot protect the properties from being damaged but at least they give warning before tornado hits.

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Making A Snow Angel

Jadyn was being cooperative when I told her to make a snow angel. I demonstrated to her how to make it and afterwards she just voluntarily lay down in the snow and start doing it. I know my Jadyn pretty well, she is the kind of kid that doesn’t want to follow what you are saying unless she likes what she’s being told. Silly girl she is but I love her. Too bad dada wasn’t able to capture her snow angel yesterday.