Men’s Wedding Tuxes

It’s the Moment of Truth. You’re wedding day is coming up, and your bride-to-be wants a classic formal event, with all the bells and whistles.

Son, you need to get yourself a wedding tuxedo.


Now, a lot of guys would freak out. They don’t know a darn thing about tuxedos, and they probably have some quaint notion about white-tie-and-tails that dates back to some old Fred Astaire flick they saw on AMC.

You’re not that guy. You’re more of a “James Bond” type. You’re actually stoked about the opportunity to wear a tux and look supersexy in front of your future wife.

You, sir, are on the right track. So what should you look for at the tux store?

If you want an elegant sheen (and you do), get something in black or midnight blue cloth with a touch of mohair.

If you’re going for a classic look, get peaked lapels in black silk satin, with a single-button front (for bigger guys) or a double-breasted front (for thinner dudes).

Big men should go for a ventless jacket. Smaller guys can opt for a cummerbund or waistcoat with a single-button jacket if they’d like to “bulk up” a bit.

Forget about wearing a belt – get yourself some suspenders. A galon stripe on the side of your trousers is always a nice touch. The pockets should be jetted (no flaps) for formal occasions, and your jacket should have a pocket square in traditional white linen (although a dollop of color in silk or linen is A-OK).

Your starched shirt should be white (of course) and pleated with double cuffs and a turn-down collar. The front should be studded, fly, or marcella piqué. Top that off with a black silk bowtie that matches your lapel, which should be adorned with a boutonniere.

Are you starting to freak out a little bit with all these details? Well, calm down, because you’re not finished yet, and it’s all worth it.

Finish the outfit with black over-the-calf pure silk socks (nice) and black plain patent leather oxford shoes.

Remember: Every girl’s crazy `bout a sharp-dressed man! Including your fiancé!

If I could Get Married Again

If I could get married again to the man I love whom I’m with now, I would say YES right away if there is someone who can volunteer to prepare and plan my own wedding. I promised to myself that I will not go through the same stressful preparation I once did 5 years ago. Although I was very excited with all the inquiries and stuff so that my big day will be beautiful but I could not help to be stressed. Man, you don’t understand what I went through unless you have experienced the same thing. You know what I mean?

Getting married isn’t just as easy as the word itself. You have to know whether the person is the right one for you. Not only that you also need to consider if your love could last forever or your marriage could shatter otherwise. Once you have decided to accept him, the marriage proposal follows then the wedding.

In my case, a month after the marriage proposal, me and my husband (my fiance then) decided to get married in October of 2004. Shortly after the date is set, the hunting of wedding dresses began. It wasn’t hard for me to choose my own gown because I knew what I wanted. I have looked at several wedding gowns at a local boutique and on the internet also and then I found the very style I want to wear.

My wedding gown is almost similar to the red dress below but it was in off white in color and bluish gray flowery sequence sewed to the dress. It was beautiful in my eyes and I will not forget the day I walked to the aisle and finally marry the man of my dreams.
Wedding Dresses are all beautiful in my eyes. Every woman has different style and taste in choosing their own dresses. It can be halter, tube top, long-sleeves for a more conservative woman or A-line, off shoulder, empire strap, empire V-line and many more. Whatever it is you choose, it would be beautiful to the ones who wear it on their wedding day.