Back on the Elliptical

I just know when it is time to be back working out again albeit I walk a lot for the entire 8 hours at work. Walking seems not enough for me in order to keep my belly the way I want it. Since I use a lot of energy when at work, I try to eat three times a day which creates a problem in my midsection because for some reason, the food I eat get stuck in my stomach. It does not come down to my butt and lower limbs!

Yes, a lot of people tell me I am skinny. There was even a patient asked me last week if I ever eat because of my figure. I proudly told her, ” yes, I eat a lot because I get hungry all the time. But I have a big belly.” She did not believe me instead told me back that I have a good shape. Yeah right, if only she was right. She just didn’t know that underneath my clothes, there’s an endless story, haha. Shakira’s song!

Anyway, at 99.8 pounds, I feel a bit heavy. Though I can still move fast than anyone else at work yet there is this bugging belly of mine that need to be exercised, it is flabby, soft and jiggly!

So, in order to stop that annoying fats, I decided to do something about it and the only solution is to get my elliptical back into working again. After six months of not being able to use, finally I was able to and used it for 30 minutes. Planning of doing it again right after doing my online personal blog posts!

 photo exercise_zps48lmg0hs.jpg

I am Slowly Seeing Result with my Workout

If there is one wish I want to happen these summer days is for me to be able to workout at least four times a week in order to achieve my flat belly goal. But heck, I have other obligations that need my attention constantly. I am not complaining, I am just saying I wish I have the luxury of time to workout as often as I can.

Right now, I am trying to get that “me time” by working out at home 3 times a week if I can. I started getting serious with my exercise since I realized that I gained 5 pounds from too much eating since December ’till January, with all those party gatherings with awesome food, I just could not resist pigging out.

I got even more determined with exercise when my blood work last month came out I had high cholesterol and is so  high, 241 instead of just getting the normal numbers 90-200 level.

When I exercise, I don’t do the same routine every time I sweat, rotate the kind of workout each time and use different machines for cardio. Luckily, we got a treadmill, an elliptical and a stationery bike. Once that fire start burning, I move on to the main exercise like lifting weights using dumb bells, leg exercises or do Jillian’s HIIT.

Anyway, I am quite pleased ¬†with all those hard work I have for weeks now, I lost 2 pounds, exercise at least 2 hours or more each time and eating light during the day. Photos below is of me looking sweaty right after doing my 30-minute cardio walk/jog on the treadmill and two shots doing Jillian Michaels’ High Intensity Interval Training on Youtube.

Once goal is achieved, I will have to post my before and after photos of my belly. So wish me good luck, friends!

…. myself so sweaty after my cardio…
 photo workout.jpg1_zpswabzuw2l.jpg
…. doing weighted (5 pound dumb bell) rear lunges here, first round of Jillian Michaels’ High Intensity Interval Training

 photo lunges_zpsqclbkq0z.jpg

… I am not there yet but surely doing some progress. There is still at least three pounds need to lose and belly to shrink in two months time.

 photo lunges1_zpslrsa5cs3.jpg