Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals by Cutting out Hidden Sugars

Fitness trainers would be quick to tell you that the first step to losing weight is cutting out unnecessary sugars. You cannot lose weight effectively if you still binge on chocolate chips and ice cream; rather you would be pointed towards healthier meal options like fruits and vegetables that provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals. You would also be asked to increase your protein and fiber intake so you feel full faster and remain hunger-free for longer periods of time.

However, there is still the matter of added sugar to deal with; these sugars are added to “healthy snacks” to make them taste better or to improve their shelf life, they are added to drinks to improve their flavor, they are even used in the manufacturing of flavorings and condiments. These are the ones we have to be concerned about.

What to do?

Clean out your pantry! Oh and while you’re at it, your refrigerator as well; that BBQ sauce may contain some sugar as well. Generally, you want to be looking at the product information on the foods in your pantry; foods that contain lactose, maltose or anything that ends with the suffix “–ose” has got to go. You would be amazed to see there are a lot of them. You should also look for words that end in “-ol” these are the alcohol sugars and they may not be so great for your weight loss goals either. Finally, re-stock your kitchen with fruits, vegetables and nuts. These are healthier snack or meal options.

For more on hidden sugars, here is a great infographic we found for you.


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Simple Family Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home

My husband is far from being perfect, he has flaws because he is human. He is a man of few words. He is also sweet, does not sugar-coat his words. Instead, show his love through his actions.

Rest assured, family comes first to him. He cares and devotes his life so much for his family and he does half of the responsibility like every parent should. When there’s an occasion, he will do something to remind us that each occasion is worth celebrating.

Like today, it’s Valentine’s Day. It is the first VD we did not go out, what he did is he take an effort to make our dinner. A whooping 3-pound steak baked in the oven, baked fries and steamed broccoli all prepared by him for this occasion. He did not buy chocolates, card or flowers but his action speaks louder than words and I am grateful. I made sure I appreciated him for what he did, it was an awesome and tasty dinner shared tonight. The children loved what was on the table.

I sure am one lucky wife for finding a man like my husband. I love my husband, I love my kids. I love my family. In every occasion, they are there celebrating with me! They are my precious treasure and a dream come true. They are my family I call my own.

 photo vd_zpszedv2bp8.jpg
 photo fam_zpslvh0w7af.jpg

Cruel World Out There

Experiences are great teachers. Do I regret going out of my comfort zone and joined the workforce of America? No, because I now have an idea how it is to be out there, and it’s cruel!

No matter what I do and how hard I work, I cannot please everybody. When I ask for help, I get cussed at. When I do part of their job, no one notices it. When I work, I work hard. When I speak up, they’ll report me to the superiors.

I don’t know where to put myself anymore and I got questions in my mind why? And many whys???

What did I do to deserve this? I understand they don’t like me and I don’t expect for them to say nice things about me but wow, it was unexpected! I believe I got treated unfairly yesterday just because of what??? Can someone please explain to me why I deserved to be treated like that yesterday????

So hurt and it was excruciatingly painful!

5 Tips on How to Teach Your Children to Love Their Siblings

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Sibling rivalry is something that most parents are well familiar with especially those with children whose ages range from 5 years to around 20 years. At times, sibling rivalry can be very annoying, frustrating and bothersome to the parent particularly if it becomes too much. While most parents view this rivalry as normal, it is worth noting that it can easily turn into hatred as well as verbal & physical abuse if not stopped at an early stage. 

The main problem with excessive sibling rivalry is that it can lead to bullying. What is presumed to be a minor and normal argument can escalate and have lasting effects on the lives of the children. Due to this, it is necessary for parents to take charge and restore peace among their children. Here are some reliable and efficient parenting tips you can use to restore peace and good relations among children:

Avoid taking sides 

When your children are quarreling, you as the parent should stand on a neutral ground and avoid taking sides. Do not favor any child as this will send a wrong message to the less favored child. It is common for parents to favor one child over the other to keep such information within yourself. You should not let your children take note of this favoritism as such preference will only make the situation worse. In addition to this, you should strive to love your children equally without having a favorite child. 

The best way of ensuring that you treat your children equally is by having unconditional love towards all of them. For instance, one of your children may be good in school work while the other performs poorly in school but has a singing/dancing talent. Accepting such diverse abilities in children brings about love and harmony in the family. Consequently, this helps in averting a likelihood of sibling rivalry and hatred arising. 

Insist on avoiding negative situations 

The best and easiest way of solving a problem is by preventing its occurrence. In line with this, you need to teach your children ways and ideas on how to prevent any occurrence of negative situations among them. These are situations that are likely to give rise to conflicts and harbor bad relations. The children need to know how to prevent triggering an argument or disagreement amongst themselves. For example, if “John” gets angry when shouted at, you should caution “Stacy” to avoid shouting at him when they are arguing or having a disagreement. 

The idea behind preventing negative situations revolves around teaching your children that it is alright to have different opinions but they should not hate each other on the basis of these differences. Teach them the importance of walking away before the situation gets out of hand. However, as much as these lessons are important and effective, they are mostly applicable to children of considerable ages such as those above 6 years of age. 

Promote problem solving 

An argument or disagreement between siblings should only be put to rest after the underlying cause is identified and solved. Otherwise, the problem will keep recurring from time to time and it is likely that it will escalate to a bigger problem. If you notice that one of the children is interested in finding a solution to the problem, you should applaud and promote such attempts. This will help your children to realize that coping and solving problems is a great step towards maturity and growth. 

Problem solving helps in maintaining peace and love among siblings even in the midst of arguments and disagreements. What is more important about problem solving is that it helps in fostering good relations and stronger bonds among the children thereby lowering the possibility of sibling rivalry arising. 

Raise sensitive children 

Generally, it is hard to intentionally hurt, hate and despise someone you love and care about. You can teach your children to love each other by showing them how to care and have love for each other. Siblings do not become adversaries unless parents fail to step in and restore good relations among them. This is why parents should raise sensitive children; children who care for each other and who can nurture life-lasting friendships. 

Parents play a pivotal role in fostering sensitivity and positive traits in their children. The first life lesson you should teach your children is learning to live together in harmony with other people. Be a facilitator in your children’s lives by setting conditions for establishing healthy relationships among the children. You should avoid controlling how your children interact with their siblings but instead focus on enabling them in having compatible relationships. It is usually if siblings look up to each as great friends and love each other’s company. 

Foster teamwork and promote empathy 

A team spirit is crucial in teaching your children to love each other. This is because team work teaches them more about the benefits and advantages of working together in a group. This realization is a very important tool for success and progress in life. Siblings who share a team spirit among themselves tend to get along well and without any hatred or rivalry at all. 

In line with team spirit, you should also promote empathy among your children. You need to teach them that they should not treat their siblings in a way that themselves would not want to be treated. Empathy brings about love, understanding, patience, and unity among siblings. It makes it possible for siblings to care for each other and have regard for other people’s feelings. 

When your children quarrel and argue about small issues such as toys, they should learn to solve such problems on their own without necessary involving you. This helps in promoting a responsible behavior and may also help them realize that conflicts are a part of every relationship. Parents should treat their children equally so that envy does not provide grounds for sibling rivalry. For instance, if you are planning for a family getaway, ensure that you carry along all the children and make everyone feel as a part of the family. 


Parents should not compare the abilities and inferiorities of their children especially in the presence of the children. Praise every accomplishment however little it may be and do not compare one child’s achievements to that of his/her siblings. This is because children are created differently and thus have different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. 

My Feet and Legs Hurt, They Cry

I survived working five straight days walking! My feet and legs hurt, they cry. How I wish I could go to a massage place and have my feet be massaged real good. It would be awesome. However, I try not to spend any money on that thing for it is expensive. I would rather save up every penny I have for I have a goal.

The kind of job I have right now requires physical strength. I feel pretty beat up when I come home every night plus a lack of sleep makes me constantly tired during the day. People at work don’t understand me, unlike most people over there, I don’t get to rest or sit down during down time. The only chance I can sit down is when I take my lunch break.

They say, I am still young and they question me why I am tired while they have been working for years and years of their life plus they are older than me. They don’t relate with me, they don’t understand. They get to sit down as long as it pleases them, I don’t. I deliver food during meal time non-stop for two or more hours. They spend more time sitting down than walking or moving around that is why they don’t feel as tired as I am.

But who am I to complain? I chose to apply as a hostess so I just endure it. I am not one of those who report to work, do less, sit 80% while they are there and receive a rate same as mine or more. At the end of the day, I feel proud for receiving my salary knowing that I work hard to earn it.

Since I dread going to a massage parlor, I would just soak my feet with epsom salt and lukewarm water. Maybe it will ease the pain a little bit, we shall see! This is economical plus I get to do my online tasks, enjoying my cup of green tea at the same Facebook-ing too.

 photo epsom1_zpskqqsm6l5.jpg

 photo epsom_zpsa5iilp3h.jpg

Co-Workers I Love Working With

In life, you cross path with people you don’t expect in  unexpected situations. You meet them for a reason, some may go and others will stay longer in your life. Embrace and treasure those you know that bring joy, smile and happiness in your life.

These below are the kind of people that make my job easier. I go home with peace of mind knowing that I accomplished the job I am supposed to do with these people around helping me. I help those who help me, take note!

With that being said, I would like to introduce to you all the people I like to be around with at my work. I just met them there 4 months ago since the hospital we are working opened.


Analyn, a Filipina who has the same rants as me, haha. All in all, since we come from the same country, the Philippines, we connect in almost all things about food and life.

 photo us_zpsiifhrdlq.jpg
Then there’s these two. Molli (in black cap), a hard-worker cook who is always cheerful and with bright smiles on her face. Her positive energy is contagious, when I work morning shifts and she is there, rest assured, I will be cheerful the rest of my shift too. Not forgetting, she is a person who shares the same political view as me.

Another one is Tanaya, she is Analyn’s BFF at work but I like her too for she is friendly, easy to-get along with, helps other people. She takes the initiative in helping me without asking for it. She also has a positive attitude that I like, all smiling and funny to talk with.

These are the people in the kitchen that I want to work with everyday if I am given a chance or allowed, haha. Sadly though, I cannot do that. Like the manager said, I have to get along with everybody not just with my favorites which I have been trying to do since day one.


 photo coworkers_zps2iw8gkzs.jpg

Expecting a Baby? Here’s How to Prepare for Your Bundle of Joy

When not properly planned for, having a baby can cause anxiety and stress, especially in first-time mothers, as opposed to relaxing and taking it easy during this time. There’s often so much to do with so little time and sometimes with a limited budget. All of a sudden, everyone has an opinion – water birth or no water birth; they leave you wondering whether your initial decision to go with a home-delivery was a wise one. Let’s not forget the all-important task of choosing a healthcare provider; because no law says you have to stick with your current provider. There are all these decisions to make and frankly, it can tire anyone out.

The objective of this post therefore, is to make the experience as worry-free as possible for you. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing; that feeling you get when you feel your baby kick for the first time is one that cannot be aptly described. Whispering sweet little nothings to your baby while still in the womb, seeing those ultrasound images of your baby, holding your baby for the first time…these are all precious moments that should not be ruined by the million and one decisions you have to make in anticipation of your baby’s arrival.

So if you are a first-time mom, you would probably find this simple guide from Dr. Thiara at MidAtlantic OBGYN on preparing for the arrival of your baby quite useful; and without further ado, here are some important decisions you want to make.

  1. In the first three months, you want to start taking your prenatal supplements. Prenatal supplements are vitamins and minerals that help your baby develop properly; they include calcium, folic acid, Vitamin D, and iron.

Prenatal vitamins also ensure that the mother is not lacking sufficient nutrients for her own body, as well as babies solely, rely on the nutrients they get from their mothers. This could leave the mother anemic in the case of insufficient iron.  

  1. Decide on a health care provider – Scout around for a good OBGYN, talk to people about their experiences with their doctors, read reviews, consider the distance between your home and the clinic, find out what payment plans they offer and how much insurance coverage you get. This is one decision, you would need to make really fast as you want to be sure that the doctor is involved at the earliest time possible.
  1. As your pregnancy progresses, you should get tested for gestational diabetes, this is important because if you test positive, it could mean that the fetus could experience overgrowth which can lead to all sorts of complications down the line. This test usually takes place around the 26th week or earlier if you have a history of diabetes.

You also want to do the multiple marker screening, a test that screens for possible defects such as Spina Bifida and Down syndrome in the fetus.

  1. Don’t forget to enroll in educational classes for child birthing, while you set up a birthing plan alongside. A doctor should be able to provide you with the necessary information.
  2. Finally, make the necessary changes to your diet; cut down on the caffeine and say goodbye to raw meat and unpasteurized milk. To make things easier, here’s a great nutrition guide for pregnant women you should checkout; let us know what you think.

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I am Always Tired

I am off today and I plan of just being lazy all day, guess what? That will be impossible because right here, right now I am glued to my computer trying to finish my online tasks. Luckily, I got so many of them that need to be done today while I have time, the many the tasks means more moolah. Then go to the bank and my child’s school, pick up the little one, go grocery shopping and cook dinner. That is my list for today.

Wait a minute, didn’t I say I plan of being lazy today? Life of a working mom, huh? I am tired, honestly. I work full-time in a job that requires physical strength. I walk constantly for the entire 8 hours I am at work and when I am off, that is when I feel the fatigue from working the last four days  straight.

They say, exercising helps but I don’t think it’s possible for I got a lot of things to do and I AM JUST REALLY REALLY TIRED! I can’t wait to become part time and see how it goes.

Guitar Center Killeen

Oh wow, I am surprised to know that there is actually a guitar center killeen. I thought I can only see them in big cities like ours. I have seen one around and it was surprising enough for me haha. Anyway, it is nice to know this musical store is everywhere so people can easily go to their physical store and shop for instruments or accessories they need. If you want to find out one near you, please visit their website or simply clicking on the link above. Thank you and have a good one!

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Who does not love deals ? I do! I don’t shop and pay full price for items I know that will eventually be marked down except maybe for groceries? Or even shopping for groceries, I will not forget going to the store’s clearance aisles and see what they have for me. When it comes to buying major things like electronics/gadgets, games and most of all household stuff, I would look for a store that offers the biggest deal before I proceed to check out.

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